The Benefits Of Using Modular Buildings Rather Than Permanent Additions

Written by Wall Street News on February 8th, 2017. Posted in Portable buildings, School portable

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The chances are likely that you’ve seen a modular building at some point in your life. However, you may not have known what to call it, exactly. Modular buildings are often referred to as “portables” or “pods” for short. They can be used as temporary substitutes as a permanent structure is constructed, or as permanent buildings themselves. Modular buildings have often been used as classrooms and church buildings. They can also be used as expansions for large buildings — again, this is often a temporary fix, as modular buildings are usually meant to act like small, single-room spaces. In the past, there’s been confusion about how modular buildings really work, and for that matter how they stand up to issues like storms. Many are interested in these types of buildings — sometimes referred to as