Some Tips For Donating Clothing To Charity

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If you live in the United States, it is quite likely that your closet is virtually overflowing, if not literally so. After all, someone living in the United States today is actually likely to own up to two times the articles of clothing than would have been commonplace for someone living even just a mere 20 years ago, two decades. And whereas an average woman in the 1920s would have had only just nine outfits – if she was lucky – a woman in today’s world (who is also living in the United States) will actually have just about one completely separate outfit for every single day of the month. In just one year, over 20 billion articles of clothing will be consumed in just this one country alone (about 70 per person, to put things in more perspective).

Therefore, most of us should consider donating clothing to charity. Donating clothing to charity is likely to be hugely beneficial in streamlining our lives,, and the value of charitable donations and donating clothing to charity in spec

Donation Wise What You Need to Know About Charitable Donations

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Donations of clothing

It feels good to give. Charity foundations benefit from the generosity of the American public with as much as $358.38 billion having been given to charity organizations in 2014. The holidays are a good time for charities with just on 43% of respondents to a recent survey saying they donate and give more during the holiday season than the rest of the year, while almost $45 give about the same.

It is not only cold hard cash that charity foundations benefit from. Clothing donations can make a significant difference to charities and many offer donation pick up. We throw away as much as 70 pounds of clothes, textiles and linens annually, Continue Reading No Comments

How Your Clothing Donations Can Help the Environment

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Donations to veterans

Americans are a generous bunch. We give about 4.7 billion tons of clothing to charity each year and $358.38 billion was given to such charitable organizations in 2014. Almost three quarters of social media users indicate that they would take some kind of action in response to a friend posting a story on social media about making charitable donations. What few realize is that donating clothing and other textile items can make a significant positive contribution to the environment.

Our consumption over time has increased too; in comparison to 20 years ago, the average American tends to buy almost twice as many pieces of clothing over their lifetime. As much as 5% of all municipal waste