Is Your Water Bill Insane? Why Spikes in Water Usage Could Indicate Broken or Leaky Sewers

Written by Wall Street News on February 29th, 2016. Posted in Drain cleaning, Pipe rehabilitation, Sewer replacement schaumberg

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It is one of the worst feelings a homeowner can experience: purchasing a dream home and then realizing that the inspection did not cover the entire sewer line. Home inspections that are done in advance of a residential sale are not typically required to cover the part of the sewer line that connects a home to the city’s sewer system. And having the sneaking suspicion that pipe replacement is necessary is even worse when it is confirmed. Experts say that there are a few warning signs that a sewer camera inspection — or sewer repair — may be needed.

Homeowners — and renters — should keep an eye on their water bills. Some water companies have a section on their websites that allows customers to see their average water use by month and sometimes by year. Average water use for a family of