It Might Be Time to Take a Look at Shipping Containers and Why They’re So Important

Written by Wall Street News on March 21st, 2017. Posted in Shipping container homes nj, Shipping containers, Storage container modifications

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Ships have carried cargo from one place to another for thousands of years. Since the discovery of America, ships have been bringing cargo back and forth across the great seas with regularity. Over the past couple of centuries, the cargo ships have gotten considerably bigger and so have the containers that the ships are hauling.

Currently, there are over 17 million shipping containers in circulation around the world. At any given time, 6 million are making trips around the globe, delivering goods to every continent. It is estimated that they make over 200 million trips every year. Steel shipping containers are used a great deal and without them, the world economy would not possibly be able to function in the way it does today.

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