What Can You Make With Storage Containers?

Written by Wall Street News on March 15th, 2018. Posted in Portable office, Storage containers nj, Uses for storage containers

Shipping container houses

If you see a shipping container sale advertised, you might have dismissed it as something for freight or shipping concerns. But that shipping container sale might be more relevant to you than you ever thought. From mobile office space to shipping container houses, here are some reasons that more and more people are doing cargo container modifications to make creative use of these versatile units.

There’s Plenty to Choose From

Why Steel Shipping Containers Make Great Office Space

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Specialty projects

Finding affordable new office space can be one of the most challenging and expensive issues for a growing business. Used shipping containers could be the answer. Climate controlled containers have a lot of possibilities to become a pop-up office space.

Why Reuse a Steel Cargo Container?

The world currently has about 17 million of these used shipping containers, but only six million of them are actually in use. When a shipping container is resued, it means that 3,500 kg of steel is being recycled. That’s a lot of steel, wood, brick, mortar and other building materials that we don’t have to get new. Shipping containers are also really durable materials to use in something like a