I Need To Repair My Concrete Driveway Who Do I Call?

Written by Wall Street News on September 16th, 2016. Posted in Contractors, Driveway repairs, Sunken driveways

Asphalt driveways

What’s gray, rough and undercuts nearly everything you do? No, it’s not the nebulous passage of time — it’s concrete and asphalt! This varied and flexible material coats the surfaces of countless sidewalks, driveways and roads across the United States, a nearly indispensable part of our everyday life. When it comes to concrete repair more and more homeowners are turning to the skills and keen eye of concrete contractors to repair their driveways and patch up their broken sidewalks.

What Is Concrete?

If you want to cement the basics (pardon the pun!) you’ve come to the right place. Concrete is a useful and widely used material created with what is known as ‘hy

What You Need to Know About Driveway Maintenance

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Concrete driveway

Did you know that, if a concrete driveway is installed correctly., it can last up to 50 years?
Driveways are one of those sections of home maintenance that people would often rather forget about — and with good reason. It can be a hassle! Not only that, but it can be difficult to decide what option is best for your home. What should you keep in mind? Here are a few important points.

Suggested Width

The recommended width for a single-car driveway is eight to nine feet; for a two-car driveway, 15 to 18 is appropriate. So long as you just have typical passenger cars, the vertical width of the pavement should be about four inches, while heavier car