Working Toward Water Quality During a Time of Misinformation from Public Officials

Written by Wall Street News on December 2nd, 2016. Posted in Water conductivity controller, Water quality analysis, Water resistivity monitor

Water conductivity and resistivity

From the Flint, Michigan, water crisis to the Dakota Pipeline Protestors, water quality and the sustainability of safe drinking water is a major concern of people all across the country. When protestors from across the country are willing to stand in the face of pepper spray and water hoses, the concern for water safety is apparent. In a time when it appears that the environmentalists seem to be in direct battle with many factors that are endangering safe drinking water, it is no wonder that even individuals are looking for water testing kits.
America just finished a Presidential election where few of the “experts” that we listen to predicted the results. And just as the media has been unable to give an objective and truthful picture to the public, American citizens fear that they are no