The Right Metal Bellows for the Job

Written by Wall Street News on September 30th, 2018. Posted in Exhaust flex joint purpose, Pipe expansion joint, What can bellows be made of

Anyone knows what a fireplace bellows is, but for today’s industry, metal bellows are a totally different device, and have a wide range of uses with different metal types. The model and size of a bellows will be based on the job at hand and the types of metals being used, whether steel or brass or anything else. What are bellows use for? What can bellows be made of? How can one build a custom bellows?

The Basics of Bellows

Whether a standard model or a custom bellows, these devices are highly useful. According to Machine Design, a metal bellows is a compressible metal tube that is an odd combination of being flexible under pressure and needing to stand up to intense pressure without breaking, and they must be reliable over the long run during their service. They can be used as temperature sensors, hermetic seals, volume compensators, flexible connectors, and nearly anythi