Choosing the Right Freight Visibility Platform to Offer Better Service to Your Clients

Written by Wall Street News on March 19, 2018. Posted in Load boards, Ltl tms, Transport management solutions

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One of the most important parts of any kind of business is adequate freight management. Freight is crucial for a number of industries, responsible for safe passage of products of all kinds two different markets, and something that can definitely be enriched with a number of interesting features, providing business owners and managers with more control and more visibility when it comes to their products in transit. If you are in the freight industry, it is likely that you are already enjoying and implementing a number of the innovations in technology that have come to the freight industry in the last few decades. If you are looking for ways to improve your service, a lot of things can be done in a productive and innovative manner.

One of the things that businesses can truly appreciate is a means to check on their products while they are in transit. For in-house requirements, businesses use a number of logistical solutions to get a concrete idea about the products they have on hand. These are usually integrated into their existing resource planning solutions. However, it is a different matter when products are in transit. It is up to the freight companies to provide businesses with the kind of monitoring and visibility features that they require to have total control of the product transit process. This can also be important for preserving product quality and calculating product volume requirements. Implementing a freight management software with the right freight visibility platform can be a great way to improve your service offering.

Understanding Freight Visibility and Management

If you run or manage a freight company, it is likely that you are already using one of the many broker systems or freight broker software available in the market to enrich your service offering. A lot can be achieved with the use of the right management software including load board integrations and shipment tracking integrations. However, one of the crucial requirements that you can definitely address is the problem of freight visibility. No matter which means of transport is being used, your clients would definitely appreciate the chance to keep an eye on their products. Using the right freight visibility platform can provide you with a number of important features that can really make your service more worthwhile for your clients.

When you are looking for the right freight visibility platform, there are a few features that you can look at. Basic features include the ability to track particular shipments at all times using existing and new technologies. Along with this, your solution can provide you with the ability to check on particular product batch numbers while they are in transit. More advanced systems can also include integrated measures for product safety and security and can even provide your clients with a way to monitor the environment in which the product is being kept and shipped. These are excellent features to have when you are providing freight service and choosing the right freight visibility platform can definitely bring you closer to offering these features.

Choosing the Right Freight Visibility Platform

When you are in the market for the right freight visibility platform for your requirements, there can be a number of things to consider. You should definitely look to achieve the perfect balance between overall costs and features and go for a solution that can be the most cost-effective. The kind of features that you require should resonate with your existing and potential clients so as to give you the best value. You should also be looking at your existing freight management solutions and look for a platform that gives you the chance to achieve complete integration into your existing system.

Keeping these very important considerations in mind and looking for a freight visibility platform that checks all the right boxes should be a productive way for you to improve your service quality and entice new clients in an extremely competitive freight industry. With superior visibility and control over their shipments, your clients would be able to monitor their valued products in a more meaningful way. This can really help you rise above the competition and make your mark on the industry.

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