Could Sales and Marketing Recruitment Agencies Help Your Team Reach Its Goals

Written by Wall Street News on December 6, 2016. Posted in Best sales jobs, Career in sales and marketing, Sales career opportunities

Sales recruitment companies

Tis the season.
The season for sales.
The season for reaching goals. The season for making sales numbers. And the season for making sure that you have the best sales people on staff to handle the goals for 2017.
Companies that are wrapping up the 2016 sales year below the goals that they wanted to reach may find themselves looking for a sales recruitment agency to help them show immediate improvement in 2017.
Could a Sales Recruitment Agency Help You Fill Your Staffing Vacancies with Qualified Candidates?
Today’s sales world has some similarities to the profession 20 years ago, but it also has seen some major changes. For most sales people, for instance, being well versed in social media and technology is essential. From Powerpoint presentations to potential clients to keeping up an active social media presence in many sales venues, technology now plays an important role. Although it is still important to be strong verbal and written communicator and to know how to close a deal, it is also important to understand the role that technology can play in reaching new clients and maintaining current clients.
Depending on the kind of sales that your company does, a sales recruitment agency can help you reach the goal of finding the most qualified candidates. For instance, if you are a pediatric spine doctor the development of the sales organization may need to be able to use social media as well as medical search engines to discover your strengths. If you are a company that wants to be able to sell medical parts worldwide, it is essential that the sales and marketing team is well versed in search engine optimization, as well as international distribution.
And while today’s sales jobs can require a variety of different levels of technology, the bottom line is that at its most basic level, all sales is a social business. The sales people are able to quickly connect and relate to all kinds of customers. With a strong sales organization, in fact, a new sales person can be taught the basics of the business as long as that new sales person understands and excels at being social.
Consider some of these other interesting facts about the top qualifications for a sales person:

  • Perseverance and patience are two of the most important qualities any potential sales person can possess. In fact, 80% of non-routine sales only occur only at least five follow-up visits. The fact that as many as 40% of sales people stop after the first “no” is alarming. In sales, perseverance and patience are rewarded.
  • Understanding how to incorporate today’s technology with strong sales skills can reap huge benefits. For instance, sales representatives who have a solid foundation in marketing skills can bring in 25% more profits. Additionally, salespeople who incorporate social media into their selling strategy out sale those who do not by as much as 78.6%.
  • Software platforms can make a sales team more efficient. Did you know, for instance that a software program that both prompts and tracks follow up calls can have a huge impact on the success of a sales team? In fact, giving your sales team the technical skills needed to effectively use a contact management software program will help you reach your sales goal numbers..
  • Although many people can make sales look fairly easy and effortless, in reality the top sales people actually have a pretty detailed sales strategy, In fact, 60% of sales representatives go into a sale with a carefully outlined strategy, and these strategy driven employees are as much as 33% more likely to close their sales deals. A sales recruitment agency can help companies screen for sales professionals who are strategy-oriented.
  • Like many other times in life, success breeds further success when it comes to sales. More importantly, the confidence that comes with success can help you breed even more success. Because confidence and selling ability go hand in hand, encouraging confidence is essential. Unfortunately, building confidence can be tricky. Having a good understanding of your product and your competition, however, can help sales staff members build on the most effective sales techniques, and can actually help build confidence and make an average sales representative into a top performer.

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