Customers Prefer Brands That Go Green How You Can Transform Your Business Model

Written by Wall Street News on July 31, 2017. Posted in 45 acp ammo box, Ammo storage cases, Round clamshell packaging

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Do you think your customizable packaging solutions/options don’t have an effect on your customer base? It might be time to rethink how you view retail packaging. Box labels and clam packaging aren’t just a means to your products’ ends. They’re a way to communicate to everyone across the field, from your repeat customers to new buyers, that you care. Green packaging options are becoming the best way of marketing to a broad consumer base, even more so than traditional advertisements, because of their larger impact on the world as a whole.

When you see the statistics below, you’ll be more than a little convinced of the strength of green customizable packaging solutions/options.

Customers Want To Know They’re Supporting A Good Cause

When people devote themselves to a brand they do so out of more than just what’s in their wallet. They want to know that their hard work means something. Studies have shown over 52% of people around the world will make a purchasing decision at least partially due to packaging that shows a positive social or environmental impact. That can be box labels that go to a local charity or customizable packaging solutions/options that emphasis a clean energy approach.

The World Is Feeling The Strain Of Competitive Businesses

Green packaging is necessary for everyone, and everything, up and down the line. Of the astonishing 80 million metric tons of plastic packaging produced back in 2013 saw some unhealthy side-effects when it came to storage and disposal. Over 40% was dumped in landfills (notoriously bad for nearby animal life and local air quality) as well as 30% ‘leaked’ into the ocean. Reusable packaging, on the other hand, is proven to reduce waste and save money.

Staying Smart With Packaging Will Protect The Planet’s Oceans

Not only are landfills growing higher by the minute and air quality taking a comparative dip, the ocean is starting to bear the brunt of countless bad decisions. Over $13 billion worth of plastic ends up in the oceans every year. For comparison, that’s around 150 million metric tons. A report provided in 2016 by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation said that, by the time 2050 rolls around, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

A Great Design Will Always Turn A Customer’s Head

You know the benefits of recycling and showing that you care. Why not make sure the message isn’t lost in the shuffle? A West Rock Consumer Insights Study provided in 2016 saw over 60% of consumers trying a new product because the packaging caught their eye. A good design should favor minimalism over excessive detail so it’s easy to read. One to three colors is considered sufficient by most graphic designers and an appealing logo does the added benefit of looking good on banners and t-shirts.

Your Business Needs Recyclable, Green Patented Packaging

Let’s do a little review before you start looking into thermoformed clamshells. Customers spend their money more wisely than ever in the age of technology. With environmental awareness increasing every day, a business that wants to stay ahead of the curve needs to do their part to support the environment. This can mean donating to charities, using recyclable materials or favoring a clean energy method of production.

The same West Rock Consumer Insights Study saw nearly half of respondents purchasing a product specifically because it was environmentally friendly. That’s no small feat.

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