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Written by Wall Street News on June 29, 2017. Posted in Charitable donation, Purple heart clothing donations, The best charities to donate to

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As you begin to pack your bags and load up the vehicle for the family 4th of July camping trip, you may realize that it is time to donate unused clothing items. Most people do not realize how full their closets are of clothing they never wear, until they are forced to either go through it or choose clothing items to pack for a vacation. This week is the perfect time to skim the closets and schedule a charitable donation drop off. Charity foundations are always looking for the following clothing donations.

Shorts and tank tops
Most people replenish their closets at the beginning of a new season. By now, you may have already made multiple summer clothing shops. Yet, many fail to get rid of clothing items they no longer wear. Americans recycle or donate only 15% of their used clothing. The rest sits in a drawer or in the back of the closet untouched. As the temperatures begin to rise and the humidity sets in, consider donating your shorts and tank tops. The charity foundations can use these clothing items to keep those in need cool during the summer months. They can also sell these items for a discount to provide families with other needed resources.

Summer shoes
Some people do not have the luxury of purchasing new shoes each season. They may be forced to wear the same pair of shoes through snow, rain, and very hot of temperatures. Additionally, many people throw out their shoes rather than donate them. Shoes for some reason do not often make it into the charitable clothing donations bins. However, they are one of the most needed items, especially in areas with changing seasons.

Jackets and hoodies
You might be surprised to learn that jackets and hoodies are needed during the summer months. However, if you think about the bags you packed for your upcoming vacation, it is likely that you have packed at least one jacket for the cooler nights. Summer tends to have warmer temperatures during the day, but can drop to a chilly breeze during the night. Jackets and hoodies are always needed. Charity foundations can use these jacket donations to warm people throughout the fall and winter, as well.

Swim suits and swim gear
Gently used swim items can also be donated. Children may be left without the ability of swimming, because their parents cannot afford a new swimsuit. Swim suits are another item that rarely gets donated, but is often needed. Also remember to donate your gently used beach towels, swim goggles, and beach toys. If you plan on throwing these items out anyway, you can find more usage in them by donating them to your local charity foundations.

Sun hats
Sun hats are an important clothing item to prevent skin damage from the sun. If you have your limit of sun, you may simply go into your air conditioned house. Some people, however, do not have that option. Sun hats can be very beneficial to those families in need. They can also be effective in helping young children stay out of the sun. The average American buys at least twice as many pieces of clothing as 20 years ago. This includes clothing accessories. When you donate clothes to your favorite charity foundations, remember that they can also utilize other types of donations.

The average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles each year. Another large percentage of Americans leave unused clothing items stuffed into their closets, simply taking up space. You can make donations of clothing, while packing for your upcoming summer vacation. Remember to donate seasonal items too, like shorts and tank tops, summer shoes, swim suits, and even sun hats. Anything that you might find useful in the summer months is likely to also be useful to someone else.

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