Finding the Right Supplier for Industrial Tools Can Make a Difference

Written by Wall Street News on November 16, 2016. Posted in Abrasives, Carbide insert, Drill bits


What do you look for in an industrial supplier? Reliability, cost efficiency and consistency are essential in helping maintain your production processes. For the metalworking industry, precision cutting tools like end mil bits and drill bits have to be rugged enough to survive heavy use, while providing accurate cuts at high speeds. New technology helps to reduce costs and improve accuracy in production. A concern for safety protects your workers and helps your workplace remain in compliance with safety regulations.

What to look for in an industrial supplier
More than half of all manufacturing purchases, or 64%, are made by at least 3 people. In 70% of cases, the decision-makers take time at least once a week to search for the products and services needed by the business. The search for the right tools and the right supplier can be a constant drain and source of anxiety for your business.
For small to medium sized businesses, finding the right supplier can be an essential part of maintaining production and reducing costs. A supplier who can help them to introduce the latest technology without breaking the bank is a real find. Safety is also a major concern and a good supplier can help you pick the tools and protective equipment that will keep your workplace compliant with safety regulations.

Trends in the metal cutting industry
While most people believe that manufacturing is declining, if not actually extinct, in the U.S., trends reported in Gardner?s Capital Spending Survey contradict this belief. Gardner?s is widely known to be the largest, most comprehensive survey of the durable goods manufacturing industries.
It forecasts details about future spending, and these show an upward trend in purchases. The 2015 forecast for spending on metalcutting estimated that it would reach $8.822 billion. This projected figure represented a 37% increase over the estimated spending for 2014.
Statistics on advertising expenditures in the metalworking machinery and equipment industry estimate that by 2016, these will reach $481.38 million. This indicates that the demand for basic metalworking and cutting tools like end mil bits, drills, abrasives and Swiss CNCs is going to increase.

New technology can help reduce costs
New technologies for metal working processes like turning, milling, drilling, grinding, sawing can achieve greater accuracy and lower costs. Tools like drills, end mil bits, and lathes become more accurate and longer lasting, surviving heavy use. A supplier of industrial tools can also help your business keep up with the latest technology and incorporate those tools that are most useful for your production process.

Reliability, cost efficiency and a concern for safety are all essential qualities to look for in an industrial supplier. A trained staff with all the necessary technical knowledge and a penchant for customer service ensures that the partnership will endure.

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