Five Crystal Gift Ideas That Will Wow Your Partner

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Are you wondering what to get your partner for your anniversary?

Thinking of jewelry but having trouble deciding?

Maybe you’re thinking of crystal.

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

A crystal is a solid material whose atoms and molecules are arranged in a tight microscopic pattern. The microscopic pattern extends in all directions, giving the crystal its ordered appearance. The word “crystal” derives from the Ancient Greek word for ice.

Examples of crystals are diamonds, Apatite crystals, and Bornite-covered crystals. They are also more than ornaments; large crystals include table salt and snowflakes.

Crystals make great gifts. They are given as crystal anniversary gifts, crystal plaques, and crystal thank you gifts. Gifts involve a personalized crystal and crystal is the traditional symbol of the special 15th wedding anniversary.

Looking for crystal gift ideas? Here are five to get you started.

The Crystal Bracelet

The crystal bracelet is a symbol of love. Men give it to the significant women in their life: their mothers, their wives, their girlfriends. It is often a wire arrangement, with crystals enmeshed throughout the design.

There are some that come with spare crystals as well, if some fall out.

The Crystal Lamp

Surprising, right? Most think of crystals for jewelry but crystals are used for everything from lamps to wall clocks. The crystal lamp is decorative and eye catching. The light is captured in the crystals attached to the covering and make brilliant light patterns.

You can even get a Himalayan salt lamp, for health purposes.

The Crystal Anniversary Teddy Bear

The Crystal Anniversary Teddy Bear is a a stuffed bear with a special addition: a crystal rose in its hand and a shirt that reads “Happy Crystal Anniversary”. It’s the perfect gift for the 15th wedding anniversary.

One bear researched is 11 inches tall and the rose is formed from chandelier crystal drops.

The Crystal Toasting Flutes

Crystal stemware is popular and crystal cups are as well. The crystal toasting flutes are one of the ultimate crystal thank you gifts. Ones researched have been diamond cut and wedge cut.

They are perfect for that special occasion.

The Crystal Necklace

The classic crystal gift is jewelry because crystals are beautiful and attract attention to the wearer. The crystal necklace is popular and often gets combined with gemstones. They crystals can be formed into swans, into teardrops, and into pendants.

The crystal necklace are given as crystal thank you gifts, for wedding anniversaries, and for special occasions.

Five crystal ideas and dozens, if not hundreds, more exist. Crystal gifts are beautiful, attention-getting, and communicate affection. Is it time for you to give one?

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