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Written by Wall Street News on June 18, 2016. Posted in Federal proposal writing, Federal proposal writing software, Rfp proposal software

Proposal pricing

Perhaps the greatest goal of many businesses is to get a government contract. A government contract means a certain amount of job security for those running the business, as well as their employees. It also adds legitimacy to the company in question. It can be considered more than a contract, but a seal of approval. But there is more to getting a government contract than what might initially meet the eye. For example, cost and price analysis in government contracts play a large role in which company gets a government contract over the other. Proposal software is another factor, as is bidding on government contracts and much more. A company has to do more than just perform well to get the government contract that it wants. It has to be an outstanding business, exemplary in not only its revenue but how business is conducted. This entire process is intricate and can be difficult to understand. When a government contract is at play, there’s a very good chance that your business will not be the only one vying for a chance at that contract. With that in mind, you as a business owner need to stay aware and ready to compete.

Cost And Price Analysis In Government Contracts

When it comes to cost and price analysis in government contracts, there is much that goes into considerations. Cost and price analysis in government contracts needs to take into account how many people are employed by the company, as well as how much those employees are paid. This matters to the company bidding for the contract as much as it does to the government. The fact is that government contracts can be responsible for paying these salaries. Of the 25.6 million businesses in the United States, about 97% of them have fewer than 500 employees. That is to say that many of the businesses offered government contracts in America are small businesses. This is hugely important to take into account, as many are under the mistaken impression that government contracts are only for big businesses. Often it doesn’t matter how many people you’ve employed, but how established and reliable you are. Small businesses may very well be favored by the government in some situations. Don’t forget, however, that proposals for government contracts cost money to make. Proposal pricing can rise quite high. Even with the help of pricing software, the cost to create a complex proposal can be steep. Typically, a proposal for a contract worth tens of millions of dollars is around one to 2% of the contract itself. These proposals have to be taken seriously; professional help is highly advised.

Buying And Selling: The Reality Of Businesses Today

Ultimately, what is most important is the company in question itself. Many companies feel that they are worthy of a government contract when they actually aren’t. There are many different factors contributing to a company’s ability to get a government contract. Many companies looking for government contracts are dependent on sales. Yet they may face an uphill battle, with may sales executives believing that the buyer process is changing faster than the organizations are responding to it. For example, the average sales cycle has increased by 22% over the past five years, partially because the decision making process is now more prolonged. Reaching a prospective client alone can take up to eight cold calls — and reaching them doesn’t guarantee a sale. About 80% of all sales require five follow-up calls, which leads to 44% of sales reps giving up after the first meeting. A news sales rep can take up too 10 months to become fully active, which is why i’s so important for reps to be determined and certain.

Clearly, not just any company can get a government contract. You need to be determined and certain; you can’t give up easily. After all, the government wants the best of the best.

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