Have You Ever Flown on a Private Charter Jet?

Written by Wall Street News on January 3, 2019. Posted in Executive private jet charter, Private flights, Private jet

In the past, you never would have realized that charter flight pricing would impact your team, but when it came time to flying to a couple of the competitions, it was actually less expensive to use the private aircraft charter option than to fly commercially. The fact that you can control the arrival and departure times, alone, allows you to avoid unnecessary hotel stays and instead travel back home for more good night’s rests. Once the athletic season starts, there are competitions every weekend, which means that the team might get home on a Monday and leave again on a Friday. With the kind of schedule, every night at home is a plus.

Private Plane Charters Offer More Flexibility to People Who Travel Extensively

Private charter flight pricing offers a wide range of options to business travelers and others who travel on a weekly basis. Knowing that you can get back and forth to a meeting in the same day means that you are able to be in your own home more often. Avoiding hotel costs and long term car rentals is one advantage that helps cover the additional cost of private flights. A flight on a private jet often offers more leg room, shorter check in and security lines and other advantages from easier parking to the amount of time it takes to get off the plane. In addition to the comfort and the convenience of flying on these private flights, it is important to realize that the time on the plane is also more productive.

In fact, respondents to a 2009 survey indicated that they are 20% more productive on a company aircraft than when they are in the office. The latest research indicates that 66% of all business aircraft flights are into a secondary airport, and only 19% of flights are into large commercial airports. The flexibility of the locations of these secondary airports provides easier access. Often outside of the busiest of city centers, these secondary airports are easier to travel in and out of.

Whether you are an athlete or an entrepreneur, it is important to make sure that you are able to get the flights that you need to be the most productive with your time. Often, this happens when you explore the options of flying on private charter jets, instead of large commercial airplanes.

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