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Hring new employees can be hard. Hiring new employees who will stay with your company for a long time can be even harder. Nearly 60% of American organizations say they think they have a problem with employee retention. andnbsp;Staff turnover can cost a business somewhere between 30 to 150% of that staffer’s salary. As many as 22% of all new hires do not last more the 45 days. The most common reasons they leave are bad performance and/or having the wrong temperment. Because hiring new staff is such an issue for so many companies, a lot of businesses are opting to outsource these decisions to anandnbsp;executive placement agency.

What are the benefits of using anandnbsp;executive placement agency or talent acquisition management service?

It can be cheaper than handling the hiring in house. Unless you are a large corporation or business, you probably do not have a human resources department. As a consequence, the people you task with hiring new staff may nlot have a lot of experience with the hiring process. This means the process will be longer and more challenging than if you hire an exectuive placement agency. The people who work at human resources consulting firms are experienced at hiring. They know where to find talented people, how to manage interviews and what to look for in new hire. Given the problems companies have keeping their staff, knowing what separates a good potential candidate from a good hire is a skill they have mastered.

It can take less time. The executive placement agency already has a pool of good applicants it can look at when making hiring decisions for your company. Because they already have a decent pool of people to talk to, the time it will take to list your opening and start interviews is much shorter than if you just posted a listing and then went through and screened all if the potential hires. Candidates from an executive placement agency face two vetting processes. The first is where the agency finds them, interviews team and checks their references. Some agencies also make candidates take certain tests to see what their skill level is. The next vetting is when you give the firm and have them send potential candidates to you.

The candidate who is hired has a better chance of staying with your company. No executive placement agency can guarantee a person you hired through their services will stay with your company for years, there is a better chance one hired though this kind of search will stay vs. one your found through Craigslist. When an execjtuve placement agency vets a candidate, there is a pretty thorough process. Also, should you hire someone from an angenct who does not end up staying with your company, the firm who you used to find that staff member may be able to help you recoup some of the costs. They may have a policy for this where they find you another person. When you are looking at different placement firms, ask what the policy for hires who do not work out. No executive placement agency wants its clients to not get the staff they want so they will work with you to make sure you are happy.

  • It keeps your current staff focused on the jobs they were hired to do. Unless you have professionals who were hired to handle hiring and other human resources tasks, your current employees have other work to do besides hiring new staff. Any time they spend on hiring decisions, weeding out applicants or interviewing candidates is time they are not spending working with your clients or customers or doing the job they were hired to do. Hiring an executive placement agency will save everyone time and keep your employees’ focus where it needs to be.
  • Hiring new staff can be a really challenging task. Using an executive placement agency can cut down on the time you spend filling openings at your company. It can also help you find qualified candidates who will stay with you. You can also get to know better retention policies aimed at keeping the employees you have happy, which reduces costs due to high turnover.

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