How a Purchasing Agent Job Description Can Help You Land the Job

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A career as a purchasing agent can be fun, exciting, challenging, and extremely rewarding. Just read any purchasing agent job description and it’s easy to see why so many want the job. Also known as buyers, purchasing agent jobs play a key role for most businesses.

They often act as negotiators, as they work so acquire products or supplies for business use and resale to customers. If you enjoy the art of negotiation, the thrill of the sale, and working with others, you might enjoy working as a purchasing agent.

Working as a purchasing agents in the USA

So what does it take it take to become a successful purchasing agent? Most purchasing agent job descriptions for positions in the USA require a high school diploma, although preference is given to candidates that have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field such as business or economics. Working as a purchasing agent also requires sharp communication skills, the ability to effectively negotiate, a keen for quality, and excellent relational skills.

How to get the job

Believe it or not, but the purchasing agent job description listed in the company’s post can be used to your benefit. Just like any other job description, regardless of industry, the purchasing agent job description is full of key information that highlights what the employer is looking for in a strong candidate. You can take advantage of this information by tweaking your resume and cover letter so that they align with the purchasing agent job duties listed. Here’s what you can do.

Speak their language

When you deconstruct a purchasing agent job description, you’ll notice that it’s carefully worded and may contain key words such as self-starter, solution-driven, or strong verbal and written communication skills. Be sure to incorporate the same terminology used in the purchasing agent job description when writing your cover letter and tweaking your resume. It shows you can talk their talk and you’re more likely to get noticed for doing so.

Back it up

Don’t just say you’re a successful purchasing agent in your cover letter! It’s important to back your claims up with concrete, real world, professional examples can be verified. This is a fool proof way to show that you have what it takes to succeed in the role because you’ve done it before. Highlight how you managed your purchasing agent responsibilities in your previous or current role by providing figures and data.

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