How Digital LED Signs Can Connect With a Local Audience

Written by Wall Street News on August 8, 2018. Posted in Electronic led sign, Outdoor church signs, Outdoor led sign for school

Even though it seems that everyone walks around with their eyes on the screen of some kind of mobile device, the truth is that people still pay attention to signs. Real world LED signs with news about local events, businesses, weather, and shopping still attract attention. In fact, digital led sign boards are still one of the best ways for any business, school, church, or local agency to communicate with their audience. For businesses, this is a cost effective way of advertising that can increase revenues.

Who looks at digital signs?
School, church, and business signage on digital led sign boards is still one of the best ways to connect with a local audience. Even though people spend so much online, for many things they still rely on local news and information. Whether it’s church events, school news and sports announcements, construction delays, or discounts at the local pharmacy, the information has an immediate and local importance that can’t be matched by anything online.
For any real world business, the vast majority or 85% of its customers live within a five mile radius. This means that strategically placed full color led signs can connect with this significant audience. Electronic signs for businesses, schools, municipalities, etc. are seen by thousands of people each day as they pass by. Even more important, they’re seen at exactly the right time, when they’re running errands, dropping off the kids for sports, or heading to work. This is the time that they need local information that’s relevant to their immediate concerns.

LED signs for businesses
In fact, almost a third or 35% of customers say that they would never have discovered a local business if it wasn’t for the sign. They tend to act on the signs they see, as well. As many as 32% of those surveyed said that they visited a local business after seeing its sign earlier in the week. As every business owner knows, customer engagement is the key to better sales and revenues.
Market research shows that digital led sign boards can actually lead to improved revenues. Electronic signs can be a highly effective form of advertising. They’re also highly cost effective, equalling 24 full-page newspaper ads. Digital signs can be factual or witty. Many passers-by, once they know where the signs are located, will keep an eye open for new messages on important topics.

Digital led sign boards with information about local events, news, concerts, and businesses attract attention because they give people information they need in their lives. For businesses, greater customer engagement translates directly into higher revenues.

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