How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your Business Sign? Keep These Five Tips In Mind For Success

Written by Wall Street News on April 1, 2018. Posted in Backlit film for sale, Life size poster for sale, Real estate sign

Custom real estate signs

Custom banners, display boards for sale…keeping up with the value of your signage can seem like a lost cause right from the beginning with so many options available.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the effort. Your signs are some of the most affordable and useful marketing tools you have at your disposal, covering multiple bases while keeping your budget smart. They’re useful for directing customers to your place of business. They communicate multiple elements at a glance. They can even start giving you your money back. Being able to achieve all these traits and more, however, requires a little old-fashioned knowledge right alongside the more dynamic, new additions.

Here are five things no custom display boards or backlit film signs should be without.

Pick A Smart Location

You’ve heard this term before, regardless of whether or not you’re familiar with real estate — location, location, location. This is one of the underlying foundations of any good sign and something you should never neglect on your way to success. A recent survey found half of all customers entering a business doing so because of the signage. Overall? A well-placed sign can expose local customers to your brand anywhere from 50 to 60 times in a month.

Choose A Smart Design

What’s another important aspect of attractive display boards for sale? A design that’s both communicative and appealing. One study found nearly 70% of customers indicating that the quality of a business sign actively reflects the quality of the business. That means a dull, generic or convoluted sign can just as easily turn customers away as it can waste your money. Keeping your sign committed to just two or three colors is a good way of keeping it from looking too busy. Even more complex signs still have dominant hues to help the eye travel naturally!

Appeal To Nearby Customers

Repeat customers are everything to a business. They save you money on marketing and generate good word-of-mouth, among other things, and are considered indispensable to your success. It’s been found over 80% of a companies’ customers live within a five-mile radius of the business they frequent. They’re also more likely to see the signage for that business 50 times or more in a single week when traveling back and forth. Still want to know other ways you can reach out to people that will keep coming back for more? Then you need to…

Update To LED Models

What’s a way you can stay relevant while still committing to an old-fashioned model that still works? Upgrade your display boards for sale to LED models. Half of all customers that enter a business do so not because of word-of-mouth or nothing else to do, but because a sign actively attracted their attention. LED models are considered appealing for their bright lights and easy-to-customize elements, making them a keen choice for businesses that want to appear very modern to the casual viewer.

Keep Your Signs Relevant

Without a good sign you’re going up a creek with no paddle. There are plenty of businesses more than willing to take your place, so don’t give your competition an accidental edge by failing to keep your custom real estate signs relevant. The value of on-site signage is equal (and sometimes surpasses) 24 full-page newspaper advertisements every year. It’s estimated over 70% of people will look at messages on a roadside advertisement when in their car. Overall? Most people agree that signs can accurately convey a business’s personality and drive.

There are a lot of options for both you and the consumer. Keep these tips in mind to make sure you’re getting the full package.

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