How Do You Maintain A Successful Business? You Maintain Your Parking Lot First

Written by Wall Street News on May 4, 2019. Posted in Dc sweeping service, Maryland street sweeping, Parking lot sweeping prices

A clean business is a successful business.

When a customer looks at your building for the first time, what do they see? A parking lot littered with trash or a sidewalk that’s struggling in the aftermath of a rainy day? First impressions are everything in today’s competitive world and your establishment needs more than just word-of-mouth to get by. Street sweeping services are easy to come by, utilized by all sectors of the economy for both safety and commercial purposes. When you notice your exterior design failing…there’s only one thing to do.

All businesses will have to reach out to parking lot cleaners at some point. If you’ve fallen behind in your cleaning expenditures, look below to refresh yourself on the benefits.

Street Sweeping Services Have Come A Long Way

So much of what we take for granted today wasn’t possible a few hundred years ago. Machines for street sweeping wouldn’t be developed until the 19th century — C.S. Bishop is credited for both inventing and patenting the first street sweeping machine in the mid 1800’s, eventually spreading them throughout the West. Modern street sweepers are now mounted on truck bodies, able to vacuum debris throughout streets and highways. An industry estimate has found mechanical broom-type sweepers account for 90% of the street sweeping machines today. Whether you work in construction or public resources, it’s an element you should never take for granted.

First Impressions Are Incredibly Important In Business

What customer would want to spend money on a business that looks dirty and neglected? Not many, according to recent surveys. One asked customers what was the most important part of visiting a new business — many would go and state ‘well maintained parking areas’ and ‘clean sidewalks’ were key to grabbing their attention. When you factor in human waste and environmental degradation, it’s not hard to see why parking lots need so much maintenance. It’s estimated parking space related pollution adds up to $5 billion per year in the United States.

Pollution Is An Ongoing Health Hazard

There’s a reason why sweeper trucks work around-the-clock. Pollution is an environmental and public health hazard. Street sweeping, at its most basic, is effective for removing both large and microscopic pollutants that collect on city streets. Effective street sweeping programs are able to remove several tons of debris a year from city streets, right alongside minimizing runoff pollution. Runoff pollution refers to rainwater or melting snow washing pesticides, heavy metals, oil, grease, and toxic chemicals throughout the city.

Environmental Awareness Begins With Work

How do you do your part to become an eco-friendly business? You put in the work. DC commercial sweeping makes environmental awareness an ongoing act, clearing out your parking lot and preventing runoff pollution from spreading. Street debris can even increase the probability of flooding — studies have shown stormwater facilities would be a major hazard if not for persistent parking lot sweeping. Overall, the street sweeping machine manufacturing industry generates $285 million in revenue.

The Benefits Of Calling A Street Sweeping Service Weekly

Customers want to spend their money on thoughtful, environmentally-friendly businesses. Everyone wants to live in a healthier world. A Maryland street sweeping service will make sure customers and businesses alike remain on the same page. Parking lots are one of your first major impressions, so consider investing in parking lot sweeping prices several times per week. They’ll make sure your storm drains are clear, trash is eliminated, and any lingering imperfections are buffed out.

Stay clean. Stay successful. Talk to a DC sweeping service this week and set up a regular schedule.

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