How Old Is the Flooring in Your Kitchen?

Written by Wall Street News on August 15, 2018. Posted in Concrete deck, Corrugated metal decking, Resin decking

You nearly laughed out loud when you read the post on the neighborhood website. The post, in fact, hit a little too close to home as to where you were about six months ago: “We have a small job for someone who can help remove and put in a transition piece of flooring. If anyone knows someone who does a good job and who does not cost a lot, please let us know.”

You once thought that you could find a cheap way to address the flooring issues that you were having. The wooden floor in your kitchen is more than 20 years old and while the majority of the area looks great, the high use areas by the sink, cooktop, and refrigerator were not looking good. Under the impression that you could hire the cheapest help that you could find, you worked with a local contractor who fortunately gave you some really good advice. In the end, he recommended that you install one of the most popular engineered wood mezzanine floor systems. The result was beautiful and the maintenance was minimal.

Finding the Right Flooring Product Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Home owners who are considering renovations have many choices, but few are as important as the decisions that are made about flooring options. Consider some of these facts and figures about the flooring industry in American and the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • The flooring industry reached its peak of $24.175 billion in sales in the year 2006. this is a record that still stands.
  • Comfort, water resistance, durability, and ease of cleaning are the four key factors driving today’s floor protection industry.
  • A mere 5% of flooring manufacturers sold directly to consumers in 2016.
  • 128 thousand businesses are currently part of the U.S. flooring industry.
  • 35.9% of the total flooring market in 2016 was accounted for by commercial buildings.
  • 39% of flooring contractors reported sales growth in the year 2016.

From engineered wood mezzanine floor systems to industrial flooring options, there are many new options when it comes to selecting flooring for a home or a business. And while some of the most advanced and maintenance free options are more expensive, they are often worth the investment as they add significant value to a property.

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