How Retail Signage and Creative Displays Can Improve Sales

Written by Wall Street News on May 19, 2018. Posted in Metal display signs, Posters holders, Single brochure holder

Even in a world of mobile devices and online retailing, people continue to shop in real world stores because they want to be able to see what they’re buying. Consumers will research some product, which could be anything from summer sandals to artisan cheese, online, and then head out to the stores to see what the real world has to offer. Customers often make up their minds at the last minute. Retailers may not even be aware of the importance of signs, but strategically placed creative retail display ideas and wall mount sign holders may help shoppers to choose.

Real signs in a virtual world
Sometimes it seems like the internet has taken over, and people walk around with their noses glued to mobile devices of one kind or another. But when you take a closer look, a slightly different picture emerges. People use the internet to research products and services, but when it comes time to make a purchase, they head to real world stores. As many as 77% of shoppers exhibit this pattern, according to researchers.
That’s because most people prefer to see the products they are buying, so they know exactly what they’re getting. And that’s why retail signs and custom retail displays are so important. Even with all the time spent online researching products, shoppers make 82% of their purchasing decisions in the store. It takes them a mere 3 to 7 seconds to choose between brands. Which means that a significant proportion of all purchases are actually impulse buys.

Retail signs for the impulse buyer
Retailers may not be aware of this aspect of consumer behavior, that most people are impulse buyers. Even though they may have planned a purchase for months, and researched it extensively online, they will make up their minds at the last minute. As many as 6 to 10 store purchases can be classified as impulse buys. For retailers, this is a chance to help consumers make educated choices.
Well presented information, such as deli signage or display racks, can help shoppers to decide between two appealing alternatives. Simple facts such as prices, sources, and even nutritional information can help consumers make good choices. Even price tags can make a difference for both the shopper and the retailer. Wall mount sign holders are especially good at attracting attention from far away and proving basic information without taking up too much space.

How signage helps sales
It seems basic, but many retailers tend to forget that the purpose of retail signs is to help customers make up their minds to buy a certain product. Researchers have confirmed that signage can actually sell products. Even without any bells and whistles, it works as effective advertising. Studies at Brigham Young University, among others, have shown that retail merchandise with signs outsells merchandise without signs by as much as 20%.
Even full priced merchandise with signs sells 18% better than merchandise without signs. From the customer’s point of view, it makes perfectly good sense. Shoppers are less likely to pick a particular cheese or meat if they can’t figure out its price, weight, or source. Retail signs reach customers at the exact moment when they are making a decision to buy a product.

Retail signs are a very effective way of getting customers’ attention at the crucial moment when they are making a decision to buy a product. Wall mount sign holders and creative display stands can attract attention from a long way off. For retailers and shoppers, retail signs are a very effective form of advertising.

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