How to Know You’ve Found the Best Daycare

Written by Wall Street News on May 25, 2016. Posted in After school program, Child care management solutions, Child daycare management

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Parents put their kids in child care management for several different reasons. It could be because both parents are working or it could just be that the parents see an educational benefit in letting the kids go to daycare. When you’re looking for a good after school program or something for the kids to enjoy while you are at work there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Here’s a few ways that you can know you have found a good daycare.

The Staff:
A good staff will interact with the children on their level by getting down on the floor to play with them and talk to them. There should be a ratio of no more than one adult per three babies. When you visit a daycare, pay special attention to how often the staff interacts with the kids. They shouldn’t be on their cell phones or distracted at any point during times that they should be watching or playing with the kids.

The Facilities:
The daycare itself should be clean and hygienic, up to certain standards with plenty of different kinds of toys and things for the kids to play with. As well as that, the daycare should be safe. There should be no sharp corners, broken toys, small pieces to choke on or hazards of any kind. Good daycare management should ensure the health and well being of each and every child that enters the playrooms.

The Policies:
You’ll want to make sure that their beliefs and philosophies match your own when it comes to things like discipline, television, food, naps and more. Find out what the policies are when a child is sick or feeling unwell. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. This is your child and no question should be greeted with a hostile or negative attitude. A good day care provider will understand that even the seemingly smallest issues are important to a parent.

The Consistency:
Young children need that consistent and predictable care as well as schedule. It helps them to feel secure and safe. Find out what the schedule is for the day care. Does it change by the day or does it stay consistent through the week? What you are looking for here is time frames, do they just play until they drop from exhaustion or are they put down for naps at specific times? Do they not eat until they ask for it or is there a lunch time and snack times? Sometimes, people who aren’t parents don’t understand the importance of consistent schedules but a day care should know this. It should be implemented and explained to the parent as well.

The Balance:
While children do need play time, they should not just be left to themselves to play with toys all that. That kind of day care would be a glorified babysitting gig. A good day care will have reading time and interactive play and sensory play. They will know why each type of play is important and will have a good grasp on how to incorporate it throughout the day. They should begin to teach children to recognize colors, shapes, letters, numbers. Basically, there needs to be a balance between all of the activities that are available to the kids. They shouldn’t be thrown in front of a TV or movie after movie all day long but nor should be shut outside to climb on the jungle gym for the entire time. Balance is key.

When choosing a day care, you need to trust your gut. Parents know when something is a little off. If you feel a weird vibe coming from a place then keep looking. Your child deserves the very best. Not only that but you will feel so much more comfortable and at ease knowing that your child is being well taken care of the whole time that you are gone. You will be able to concentrate on your work and do a good job instead of worrying about what your child is up to for most of the day! A good daycare will relieve a huge burden from your shoulders and your child will love the social and emotional and educational benefits that they will derive from it.

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