How To Leave A Positive Impact In A Dreary World The Benefits Of Charitable Clothing Donations

Written by Wall Street News on November 20, 2017. Posted in Donating clothing to charity, Donation pick up, Local clothing donations

Donations that pick up at home

With so much bad news cropping up on your feed day in and day out, it’s easy to feel like you’re not doing much good. The fact of the matter, however, is that there are some great ways to spread some love while leaving a positive impact on your life. How so? Charity clothing donations are a useful and eco-friendly way of moving useful materials throughout the community. American donations are steadily growing higher this past decade, thanks in no small part to social media, and the results have been nothing less than staggering. Smaller landfills and thrift shops overflowing with goods are just a few of the benefits you can provide when you dig through your closet this week.

First time donating clothing? The more commonly asked questions are below to help you get started.

How Are Clothing Donations Environmentally Friendly?

It pays to be eco-friendly. Companies that actively display their green benefits have been found to attract more customers than those who don’t. Recycling is a good habit more people are pushing than ever before. Charity clothing donations is a particularly clever way of helping out the environment because you give and take away at the same time. The year 2006 saw two and a half billion pounds of fabric kept out of landfills. These materials, such as latex and cotton, were simultaneously put back into local industries.

Who Needs Affordable Clothing The Most?

Thrift shops are great resources for all kinds of people. They’re a one-stop shop for anyone who needs nice clothes at an affordable price, a resource that’s at its best when everyday people take the time to clear out the unwanted additions in their own home. Families, college students and individuals alike can reduce some stress by turning to a local charity organization to make a financially tight month a little less frustrating. Americans these days will own twice as many clothes as they did just two decades ago.

What Personal Benefits Can I Get From Charity Clothing Donations?

Did you know clutter is bad for your health? It’s true. A messy, uncoordinated environment has been closely linked with higher rates of stress and even more inconsistent sleeping patterns. On the other hand, being surrounded by clean and happy spaces will do wonders for your day-to-day mood. Getting rid of clothes you don’t want is a nice first step on your journey to a life that feels more put-together. A good rule of thumb you can start out with is removing clothes you haven’t worn in six months or more. This is especially viable if you live in a one to two season environment!

Can I Save Money By Donating Clothes?

Worried about finances this holiday season? Save on a little cash when it’s time to file your taxes by helping families in need. Any charitable donation that’s worth over $250 will need a receipt to write off on your taxes, so keep yourself organized even as you keep yourself organized! Some items are more expensive than others, to boot, such as men’s overcoats and winter boots. When digging through your closet for unwanted sweaters keep in mind only some charitable organizations are granted tax-exempt status. This will save you some disappointment once spring rolls around again.

What If I Don’t Have Time To Drop Off Clothes?

Participating in charity clothing donations can be difficult when you already have a tight schedule. This is why more charity foundations than ever before are offering donation pick up services. Once you gather up a bag or a box of unwanted clothes just give your nearby non profit organization a call with simple directions. They can drop by, pick up your clothes and leave you feeling a little better all in one go. Despite all these promising statistics, Americans still send 10 million tons of clothing to landfills every single year.

Change starts small. What will you do to leave a positive impact this year?

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