How To Make Your Next Tradeshow Stand Out Amid The Competition

Written by Wall Street News on April 12, 2017. Posted in Conference displays, Trade show booth

Trade show display design

Marketing isn’t just a checklist point on your way to success. It’s the beginning, middle and end of your business. It’s what builds a client base for your brand to rely on throughout the year. It’s what attracts would-be customers and repeat customers alike. It’s everything you need to float out of a sea of obscurity and even a minor lapse in your conference exhibits can spell disaster for your company’s future. Trade show booth design should be as welcoming and interesting as possible, a way to communicate what your brand has to offer while keeping the information accessible to the casual passerby. Strategy and creativity go hand-in-hand — keep reading below and find out how you can have the best of both worlds during the next tradeshow.

Exhibits Are Forever The Next Big Thing

Why do companies put such a great emphasis on exhibits? When you think about it, they really do combine the best in personable marketing approaches and strategic client building. The average company has been found to allocate up to 31% of its total marketing budget to both events and exhibits, with more than $24 billion spent yearly by U.S. Exhibitors for trade show displays. Despite this, as many as 70% of exhibitors have no specific objectives for their trade shows and what they want to get out of them by the end of the day.

Always Have A Plan, Then Two, Then Three

Exhibit design firms get to where they are by having plans and teaching others how to follow suit. The 2014 Marketing outlook study conducted by B2B Magazine saw events cited as the second largest area of growth in media spending just behind digital, which is nothing to sneeze at! Your trade show display should help you achieve any number of minor to major goals — attracting new customers, reaffirming old customers, communicating your brand better than before, selling a new product or just keeping you on the map.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Trade shows are lively, energizing and, most of all, incredibly effective. The average American trade show visitor will spend as many as nine hours viewing exhibits and trying to make the most out of their time there. There are an average of two trade show visitors per 100 square feet of exhibit space, to boot, and 50% of the largest 200 trade shows in the United States take place in three major cities — Las Vegas, Orlando and Chicago. With so many resources and eager customers just waiting to see what your business has to offer, exhibit design firms will help you go the extra mile and make good use of all that space and time.

Know What Customers Want, Need And Don’t Know About Yet

People visit because they don’t just want to be impressed — they want something that will improve their lives for the better. The three most valued aspects of trade shows were recently analyzed in multiple surveys, with 60% of exhibitors saying they highly value the ability to see many different prospects and 51% saying they appreciated the face-to-face meetings. Yet another 47% said they love to meet customers and suppliers to build ongoing business relationships. With so much to offer, it makes sense to put your best foot forward with exhibit design firms.

Use Smart Tradeshow Booth Design

How do you make your tradeshow stand out amid the pack? While contacting exhibit design firms should be first and foremost on your to-do list, there are a few tips you can keep in mind when getting your supplies together. Font size is incredibly important for legibility — a good rule of thumb is to add an inch of height to the font for every foot, allowing viewers to comfortably read your text from even 10 feet away. Multiple types of graphics are useful to keep the eye balanced and, of course, you should keep your colors in two to three combinations to avoid looking cluttered. Over 80% of trade show attendees have buying authority — are you going to make your conference exhibits the talk of the town this year?

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