If a Whole is the Sum of its Parts, Shouldn’t Those Parts be the Best They Can be?

Written by Wall Street News on March 20, 2016. Posted in Industrial engine cylinders, Komatsu equipment repair, Komatsu heavy equipment

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The business of construction is all about man and machine power. These are the things that build cities, bridges, and give contemporary society the solid foundation it needs to keep standing. Literally. So it stands to reason, then, that if you own heavy equipment or are a part of this massive industry, you want to make sure that the things you’re building are going to last for a long time. But beyond that, you need to make sure that the equipment you’re using lasts just as long!

In 2015, the global construction equipment market alone was worth approximately $146 billion. That number only includes the heavy equipment components portion of the market. If you take into account the construction market beyond just parts sellers and manufacturers, you’ll find an even bigger number. With just one part of the construction market being that big, it makes sense that most businesses invest in the highest quality heavy equipment components.

But what exactly makes heavy equipment parts high quality and cutting edge? While you can purchase high quality industrial grade equipment, how you take care of it ultimately plays a large part in how long it will last and how effective it will be. Most construction equipment comes with a life expectancy of about 15 years, but with proper care and regular maintenance, it can last even longer. However, another important part of caring for your equipment involves knowing when it’s time to invest in newer parts.

One of the most common causes of equipment failure is a result of issues that aren’t covered under warranty. If you think a piece of your equipment may be suffering because of something that may not be under warranty, it could be time to purchase a new part. Beyond purchasing new parts though, regular maintenance on your machinery will make it last much longer. Regular oil changes, cleanings, and routine inspections can help prevent equipment breakdown and catch potentially serious issues early on, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Investing quality time and money in your equipment not only ensures a better business. but it provides you with peace of mind. If you’re worried about your machinery, don’t hesitate to invest in regular maintenance! The smallest parts can save you the biggest amount of time and money.

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