Keeping Track of the Right Numbers in Business

Written by Wall Street News on July 22, 2016. Posted in Ehs compliance system, Msds software, Sds software

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There are many different aspects to running a well-functioning, successful company. Many people have various gauges for the value that they place on those different aspects and just what it is that makes a business so successful. There is of course, the matter of numbers. How much money is made by goods, services, or products sold is probably the main focus of most business owners.

However there are other issues, that in the grand scheme of things, matter much more. Focus on health, safety, and environment, or HSE as it is often shortened down to, allows a business to keep their priorities straight. Making money is the goal of the business, yes, but it should never be at the cost of the health and safety of people or the planet.

How HSE apps help to keep businesses in check
There has not always been a strong focus on risk management when it comes to employees and environmental impact. But as our society develops, better awareness leads to higher standards, which lead to more enforceable laws when it comes to health, safety, and environmental compliance. And as society also continues to develop in the area of technology, the process of keeping track of any given company’s environmental health and safety management has become much more efficient. There are many HSE apps available that help to digitally log audits and compliance issues. Using an HSE app helps to keep employers up to date with the way that the operations within their business are run, ensuring that those vital standards are met.

Making the right priorities

Whether you have specific environmental software, separate health and safety inspection software, or a comprehensive HSE app that keeps everything logged conveniently in one place, you will find that the elevation of standards and the increased usage of technology in the workplace complement each other nicely, and all for the big picture benefit of keeping both people and the earth safe and healthy. There are vast and varied factors that could contribute to potentially dangerous or harmful conditions in the workplace, depending on the nature of the business, but whatever the business may be, it is the responsibility of the employer to protect workers and to limit if not eliminate completely any negative impact that the company operations have on the environment.

The numbers that matter

The success of a business does, obviously, have to rely in part on the monetary profits that are made. However those profits pale in comparison to the value of a human life. Safety measures need to be considered on varying scales, from the work environment that an employee is subject to, to the environmental factors that will eventually affect human beings on a global scale. As about 45% of workers do not feel free to point out behavior that is has the potential to be harmful in some way to either their coworkers, peers, or employers, the company must be vigilant about screening every area of the business themselves. However a minuscule 35% of business executives have claimed that their businesses or companies have accurately quantified the possible social and environmental ramifications that the business operations may have. Having the right quality software to correctly track standards and compliance can help to boost those numbers.

The safety of human beings and of the planet should be paramount in absolutely every operation. When it really comes down to it, there isn’t anything that is more important. About 50% of employees claim that a company’s recycling access, energy and water conservation, and attitude toward a positive environmental impact are vitally important. And 75% of workers unsurprisingly place a high value on the feeling of personal safety and security within the workplace. As more companies streamline functional risk management, we will become closer to seeing businesses who care about the right things thrive and flourish.

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