LED Signs For Municipalities

Written by Wall Street News on December 14, 2016. Posted in Marquee signs for schools, Municipal signs, School electronic signs

Led display sign

Recent studies of marketing strategies show that good signage is as important as ever. Almost 60 percent of respondents attended events in their town because of a sign, and 35 percent said that a sign led them to discover a new business which they then patronized. If you?ve already got an effective sign, consider this: sales revenues increase by at least 7 percent when businesses change to a bigger or more colorful sign, and signs for municipalities have a similar effect.

Electronic signs with very bright light emitting
diodes (LEDs) are one of the best options for improved signage. They display full-color imagery in high resolution. Depending on local regulations and other considerations, the images can be animated or a series of slides, or both, offering many options for high interest, attention grabbing digital signs.

Aside from their attractiveness, LEDs have some important advantages over other light sources, such as greater reliability and durability, improved brightness, and lower energy consumption. An outdoor LED display uses less than half of the power that other lit signage does, and requires less maintenance.

Why are LED lights the best signs for municipalities? Quite a few reasons, actually.

First, because they are bright, colorful, and often have movement of images, LED signs attract more attention than other types of signs. That reason alone makes them worthwhile, since whatever messages the municipal signs project, more people will see. Because it is very easy to change the content of an outdoor LED display, the sign will invite further interest on a regular basis. In addition, signs for municipalities carry important, sometimes vital, information, and LED signs get those messages across efficiently. It may be information about parking for a special event or traffic conditions, but it may also be emergency information and weather alerts. In that capacity, LED signs are a crucial safety feature that municipalities rely on.

Another interesting use of LED lighting besides signs for municipalities is traffic lights. Cities that use LEDs instead of traditional bulbs in their traffic signals can save up to $600 annually for each intersection in one year; that could add up to around a million dollars for a large city, with variables based on traffic patterns. As of 2015, over half of all traffic signals in the U.S. have been converted to LED, including some large cities like Denver, Philadelphia, and New York City.

One issue specific to signs for municipalities, as well as other uses of LED lighting, is budgeting and purchase constraints. However, many signage companies have a variety of ordering and payment options to meet the needs of a range of clients.

Overall, the increased attention that LED signs receive makes them well worth the effort to purchase and install.

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