Office Cleaning Services Are the Silent Employees

Written by Wall Street News on March 21, 2016. Posted in Church cleaning fresno, Janitorial franchises, Janitorial service

Commercial office cleaning service

When you think about where you work and the things you and your fellow employees touch every day, have you ever stopped to think if anyone is properly cleaning them? Think about your workspace and your computer keyboard, if you have one. If you or a fellow employee come in with a cold and leave it all over the office equipment via a powerful sneeze and no sanitizer to follow it, who restores the workspace to cleanliness? As far as bacteria are concerned, an office desk can harbour up to 400 times more bacteria than a regular toilet seat. Who wants to work in that kind of a stall?

According to a recent survey, nearly one-third of the respondents said that they believed their computer keyboard and phone were the dirtiest items in their workplace, yet not even 10% of them said that they, themselves, cleaned them. Virtually 100% of those polled also stated that they were afraid of catching some kind of virus while at work. Offices and all workspaces need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Finding the best cleaning company you can find improves almost every facet of your workplace environment.

Auto dealership cleaning has become a specialized type of after hours office cleaning in recent years. Customers, salespeople, managers and maintenance workers bring countless germs, dust, and other unknown dirt into the workplace every day. It’s the very nature of the job. People have their hands on the cars, trucks, and vans all day long and even into the evening. Auto dealership cleaning is no small job. Throughout the nighttime hours, a commercial office cleaning service makes its way around, under, and through the dealership, relieving the premises of the dirt and grime that has built up throughout the day.

Typically, auto dealership cleaning is not done by in-house staff. Dealerships rely on outsourced janitorial services to get their showrooms spotless for the next day’s customers. If you happen into an auto dealership and begin looking for a car, truck or van, you are more likely to stay if the dealership is clean. Most people won’t stay in businesses that appear to be dirty or germ-filled. Just the odor of a place can make people flee. For example, 72% of adults who were polled said that they would not exercise in a gym that had an unpleasant odor. We’re are a society that wants our indoor spaces, especially the public ones, to be as clean as possible. An auto dealership is no exception.

Auto dealership cleaning becomes more and more important as the days turn from the winter to the spring and summer. During those months, the traffic picks up dramatically and with traffic comes the dirt. Germs are also an issue. When small children come into a dealership with their parents, they touch whatever they can get away with touching, and touching means germs.

Janitorial services are the hidden employees of a business. While their working may go unseen, their work benefits us all.

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