Oil Drilling Equipment and Their Uses

Written by Wall Street News on May 2, 2019. Posted in Float collar, Frac plug, Stage cementing tools

Oil wells are used to bring petroleum oil hydrocarbons up from the earth. In order for this process to happen the well has to be drilled, which takes the help of a variety of equipment. They all work together to make the drilling rig function properly. Items like centralizers, frac plugs, and production packers all help to make it work without a variety of problems that could arise. Below are some of the tools that are used and their roles in the process.

1. Centralizers

Centralizers do exactly what they say. They centralize the casing in the borehole. If the casing isn’t centered it can cause problems in the cementing process and can lead to groundwater contamination. It helps to create a clean rock borehole wall that will bond with the cement.

2. Frac Plugs

Frag plugs are used for the process of wellbore isolation. They isolate zones in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells to assist with plug and perforation operations.

3. Toe Sleeves

Toe sleeves are used for a variety of purposes, but their main function is to create circulation for stimulation purposes. They also help to reduce friction loss issues by creating larger flow areas.

4. Float Collars

Float collars help to prevent problems with cement slurry flowback. It contains a check valve the allows fluid to move downward, but not upward and allows the casing to float to decrease the load on the derrick.

5. Liner and Liner Hanger

Liners are casing strings that hang from the inside of the casing shoe. Liner hangers are the slip device that attach the liner to the casing.

6. Production Packers

Production packers are used to create a seal between the inside of the casing and the outside of the production tubing. They remain in the well during the process while service packers are only used temporarily.

These pieces of equipment all work together to make the drilling process move forward without hiccups. Working with concrete, especially in the conditions necessary for well drilling, has a lot of potential for difficulties and needs to be closely monitored. Taking away any one of these tools can back the process up considerably.

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