Over 80% Of Customers Will Pay Businesses More For This Simple Addition

Written by Wall Street News on March 5, 2018. Posted in 22 x 28 stanchion sign holder, Deli signage, Metal sign holder stands

Price tag holders

What can poster holders do to support your business, establishment or school event?

Probably more than you think. We face so many signs in the day-to-day it’s really easy to take them for granted. It’s thought consumers will be exposed to as many as 3,000 advertisements or promotional materials in a single day. That’s digital advertisements, commercials on television and billboards, to name a few, alongside acrylic display stands and your average newspaper flyer. How can you possibly break through the noise to make your goals stand out? The list below will explore the nature of poster holders and display racks to help you not just use them right, but use them well.

Keep Your Customers On The Right Track…Literally

The most important function of a sign, some may argue, is just getting customers to your business in the first place. Nowhere is that easier to do than choosing a location that will compliment a lot of regular foot traffic. A lot of customers aren’t even able to find your building without a point in the right direction, which you can only imagine translates into…less than satisfying sales. A recent study found signs are cheaper than advertisements, too, with a single sign costing between three to 37 cents to reach 1,000 adults in a year. A 30 second commercial, on the other hand, is around $4.00 to $7.00 in the same time.

Guide New Visitors Around The Store

We know you should use a sign to get your visitors to the store…but what about creating an ideal in-store experience with your poster holders? The benefit of brochure display racks and clear price tag sleeves is more than just decoration. They help keep your customer from becoming frustrated as they browse. Make sure your signs are placed throughout the store, rather than bundled up in the front or back, and have large letters so they can be read at a distance. A combination of poster holders, custom glass door signage and hanging signs will help the eye travel naturally without becoming overwhelmed.

Encourage More Natural Impulse Buys

While impulse buys shouldn’t comprise the majority of your business, they can still add up to a significant chunk over the months if you’re clever with your signage. A recent study found shoppers can make as many as 80% of their purchase decisions in-store, which can sometimes be impulse buys alongside the more common ‘tack on an extra product to a pre-determined purchase’. Another survey saw as many as six out of 10 purchases can be classified as impulse buys, as well. Make sure your acrylic door sign holder is more than quota. It can be the difference between a small purchase and a huge one.

Make Sure No Merchandise Is Lost In The Shuffle

Do you worry about some merchandise being overlooked? What about products that are struggling to catch up to the figures in your mind? A recent study from Brighham Young University found merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by as much as 20% at a time. Overall, full-priced merchandise will perform far better with a visual aid than those without. Visual cues go a long way in keeping your store accessible to all sorts of visitors, old and new, and failing to reach these basics could lose you some serious green in the long run.

Create More Revenue For Your Brand

Customers want a good experience. They’re even willing to pay more for it. Businesses want to make as much money as possible during the week. When you invest in beautiful poster holders by the door and acrylic display risers throughout your store, you invest in a constant dialogue between you and your client base. Signs are useful for communicating intent, explaining basic information without the aid of a representative and making your business or establishment more appealing. If you’re wondering why your brand isn’t raking in the money it used to, give your signs a touch-up.

You may be surprised at what you find!

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