Signage What To Consider Before Investing

Written by Wall Street News on March 21, 2017. Posted in Clear price tag sleeves, Suction cup sign holder, Wall mount sign holder

Door sign holder

Signs make a difference for consumers — and the more prominent the sign, the more likely people will be to notice them, naturally. Of course, there are many different types of signs on the market; there is everything from deli signs to display stands, and they all have different requirements concerning their structural stability. For example, some signs require an acrylic window mounting sign holder with suction cups, whereas other signs simply need simple metal free standing sign holders. No matter what you need to help maintain your signs, you should make sure that they look as professional and put together as possible. A bad sign could be the difference between a customer being sold on your products, and passing them by.

How Much Of A Difference Does A Sign Really Make?

Understandably, not everyone businessperson is aware of how crucial signs are in this day and age. We’re not saying that signs are the only form of advertisement that you’ll need. But you should certainly consider what types of signs would be best for your needs. It’s believed that the average consumer is exposed to over 3,000 different ads and promotional messages every day. The fact is that a sign can stick out in a person’s mind the way a single online ad in a sea of ads might not. According to several different studies, including one by Brigham Young University, merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 20%. Signs can also make a difference in how your merchandise is perceived. People are often more likely to gravitate towards items on sale versus full-priced items. A sign can potentially make a full-priced item more appealing. In fact, full-priced items typically performed, in recent surveys, 18% better with signage versus without. Signs also tend to catch people’s attention when merchandise otherwise would have been bypassed — with shoppers making 82% of their purchase decisions in store and 16% of unplanned purchase decisions being made due to a display, businesses can’t afford to neglect their signage.

Why Do Sign Displays Needs Extra Stability?

While signs can attract attention quickly, it’s important that you make your signs as sturdy as possible — a acrylic window mounting sign holder with suction cups can make that happen. An acrylic window mounting sign holder with suction cups is best for signs that would otherwise perhaps tip over. Typically, businesses might use an acrylic window mounting sign holder with suction cups for signs that hold heavy materials. Metal sign holder stands are perhaps sturdier, but it can be easy for signs to be dislodged without suction cups. Of course, not all signs are displayed with the help of holders. Hanging signs might also work in some circumstances — it just depends on your specific needs. If a sign lacks stability, it can look messy and turn people off.

When it comes to signs, what matters most is that they look good and communicate a message clearly. A bad sign is perhaps even more noticeable than a good one. Therefore, you shouldn’t be dismissive when it comes to signs — make sure that you invest in the right packaging.

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