Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs, and They Are an Important Way to Advertise

Written by Wall Street News on July 26, 2016. Posted in Electric business signs, Municipal signs, Scrolling marquee sign

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Whether you own a business or run a charitable or religious organization, you need to let people know about you and your products or services. One of the best way to do that is with signs.

There are many ways to get the word out about your business or organization these days, and many people consider presence on the web and on social media to be the most important. While these are vital ways to advertise your business, you shouldn’t discount the power of old fashioned signs.

How important is signage to your business or organization? More than one-third of people say they wouldn’t even know about a business without a sign. Studies have shown that having a sign onsite at your location offers the same promotional value as 24 full-page ads in your local newspaper.

When looking for sign opportunities, there are a lot of options. Most businesses and organizations have an on-premise sign at each of their location. This can be a static monument sign, a sign affixed to the building or a changeable sign, such as digital signs or marquee signs. Many locations utilize marquee signs because they are an inexpensive way to advertise not only the business or organization but also services or products that may be available. A restaurant, for example, may use a marquee sign to advertise food and drink specials. An organization such as a church may use church marquee signs to quote important verses from scripture or to advertise services. Church marquee signs also are valuable ways to advertise special events at the church, such as meetings of social or aid groups.

Similar to marquee signs but more sophisticated are digital signs. Digital signs for businesses allow them to advertise multiple things in a short period of time. Digital signs can be changed every few seconds, although most municipalities have rules restricting the change intervals to keep them from becoming distracting to drivers.

Off-premise signs such as billboards are another way for businesses and other organizations to advertise themselves. Research shows that billboard advertising is very effective, with more than one-third of people reporting that they look at a billboard when they pass one. More than half of people also said they visited a restaurant they saw advertised on a billboard.

It’s clear that signs, whether they are church marquee signs, digital business signs or roadside billboards, are an important and effective part of advertising and marketing efforts for all kinds of businesses and organizations.

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