Street Sweeping Services Keep Your Business Polished Keeping Your Parking Lot Clear In 2019

Written by Wall Street News on May 1, 2019. Posted in Parking lot cleaning services, Street sweeper rental, Street sweeping service

Keeping the streets clean isn’t easy work. When you consider just how many contaminants have to be flushed out on a daily basis? It’s one of the toughest jobs out there.

Parking lot cleaners work night and day to keep your city as safe as possible. They clean debris out of drains and reduce the risk of runoff pollution affecting the environment. When you hire DC commercial sweeping you go even further to spread this goodwill to your business. Customers don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on an establishment that looks filthy or neglected. The next time you parking lot is looking a little neglected — or you’re worried about the aftermath of a storm — you know who to call.

DC street sweeping can be called at any time to clean up your parking lot and tidy up your sidewalks.

Street sweeping services have evolved in several ways over the years. Way, way back in the day removing trash was done by hand, a slow and tedious process with results that didn’t last. Machines for street sweeping were first developed in the 19th century to approach this problem on a larger scale. C.S. Bishop invented and patented the very first street sweeping machine in the late 1800’s, changing the way we look at cleanliness forever. Modern street sweepers are mounted atop truck bodies to vacuum debris throughout the street.

Street sweepers have to work every day to keep the city in pristine condition. The American road and highway maintenance industry employs over 135,000 people in sweeping, construction, and repair, among other tasks. It’s estimated there are over 9,000 companies offering regular road maintenance services in the country. Overall, the road and highway maintenance industry generates over $40 billion in revenue every year. Requesting parking lot cleaners tidy up your business is not just smart, but safe.

Pollution is an issue that only gets more serious by the day. When it’s not debris clogging up drains and causing a flood it’s runoff pollution poisoning water wells. The latter issue is caused by rainwater or melting snow that washes off roads, bridges, and parking lots into the rest of the environment. Common pollutants generated in urban areas include (but aren’t limited to) grease, toxic chemicals, oil, road salts, and heavy metals. Without Maryland sweeping services scrubbing away the mess…the world could be a much more dangerous place to live in.

Parking lot cleaners offer you a way of tackling several areas in one go. You can clean up harmful environmental pollutants and reduce your risk of nearby flooding. You can improve your business image and prioritize the health of your workers. A recent study reached out to customers and asked them their thoughts on the benefits of attending a clean business. They found well maintained parking areas and sidewalks are key to attracting to new visitors, since most today consider exterior cleanliness just as important as interior cleanliness.

Your Northern Virginia Commercial Sweeping service has several resources you can tap into throughout the week. You can schedule daily or weekly parking lot cleaners to keep your building as pristine as possible. You can ask them about the benefits of removing runoff pollution nearby, as it can seep into your shrubbery or nearby exterior design. Street debris is infamous for blocking stormwater facilities and contributing to flooding. No matter what you do, this proactive attitude will serve you well.

Breathe new life into your business. Reach out to road sweeping services this week and see what a little polish can do.

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