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Written by Wall Street News on February 28, 2013. Posted in Blank postcards, Direct mail postcards

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The first picture postcard dates back to 1870 Camp Conlie training camp in France. The card has one picture on one side. The following year, 1871, the first souvenir postcard was sent. The postcard was sent from Vienna. Maybe it said Wish You Were Here. Then during the Second World War, many soldiers sent postcards made from embroidered silk to their love ones back home. Then from the 20s to the middle of the century, most of the postcards were those that had risque images and lewd jokes, these were the saucy seaside postcards. Today, with so many changes in postcards and greeting cards, many people have started to collect them that deltiology, collecting postcards, is among the three largest collectible hobbies across the globe. Over the years, customized postcards have also played an important role in business marketing. One of the most common business postcards is direct mail postcards, such as real estate postcards. For your business, here are two important facts about postcard that you might want to consider.

First, postcard printing for marketing and advertising is less costly than other marketing and advertising initiatives. For example, compared to print ads, postcard printing will only cost your business hundreds of dollars to reach as many people as what a traditional print ad would. In fact, you can find a postcard printing company that can print as many postcards as you want and deliver them directly to the doorsteps of your target market. For local businesses, such as for local plumbers and electricians, postcard printing is therefore cheaper than any other type of advertising. Similarly, for large companies, postcard printing can be a lot cheaper because with just a few hundred dollars they can target different segments of the market across the country. They can customize the postcards, which will not cost them additional, compared to creating different ads for their different market segments. Even when compared with online marketing campaign, such as the use of social networking sites, postcards are cheaper because for an effective social networking campaign you need to reach thousands of users and they should be your target market. To do this you need to employ the services of an online marketing company.

Second, postcard printing, particularly custom postcard printing, is more effective than other forms of marketing. This is because you can reach a lot of people and the right people. In fact, you can even find postcard printing company that makes and delivers customized postcards. You can have customized postcards that will surely be read by your target market. One example is the door hangers. You can send the card to specific location or people. When people see door hangers on their doors, they will surely take a look at them, just out of curiosity. Compared to email marketing, recipients will merely send the mail to trash without reading. Some will even report it a spam. Continue your research here:

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