What Can Funeral Services Do To Help Me Plan A Memorial Service?

Written by Wall Street News on February 1, 2018. Posted in Cremation services, Funeral caskets laredo tx, Funeral services

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When you lose someone, asking another to shoulder the burden of grief can feel impossible.

Funeral services are more than just a basic resource. They’re there to help you walk through this difficult period in your life and help you find closure. Finding help for funeral arrangements can mean choosing proper funeral caskets for your deceased loved one or cremation services that will best honor your family’s memory. The vast majority of funeral homes in the country are privately owned by families who know firsthand the winding and painful path that follows the loss of a loved one. Reaching out to funeral homes will be the first of many steps on your journey to fulfillment.

Every country has its own relationship with life and death. The United States often sees individualized funeral caskets being requested to best match the deceased party’s memory, though there are multiple funeral homes to choose from until you feel comfortable. Over two million people will die in the United States every year. Which funeral arrangements will be the most appropriate is a slow and careful decision you shouldn’t rush through.

Studies have been conducted to best analyze the attitudes of the general American populace when it comes to death and burial. A Harris Poll survey found nearly 70% of respondents stating they would much prefer to pre-arrange their own funeral service — this is an essential element for those that want to be involved with every step, though others may find solace in handing over more responsibility to professional parties. Funeral costs will vary depending on whether you choose cremation or funeral caskets.

Yet others will fund their own funeral in advance. This is frequently done after updating a will, with some virulently aware of their shortening lifespan and wanting to put the least amount of strain possible on friends and family before passing. According to a survey provided by AARP, one in three people have engaged in funeral pre-planning, with another one in four paying for their own funeral ahead of time. This lines up closely with data provided by a Harris Poll survey, with nearly 90% of respondents stating a discussion about their end-of-life wishes would be a meaningful addition.

The decision to cremate or select from a variety of funeral caskets is a deeply personal one. According to a report provided by NFDA Cremation and Burial Report, around 48% of the deceased were cremated back in 2015. Another 45% were buried. Cremation services provide urns that can be used for ceremonial purposes or kept safely in the home. Another study found over 65% of people aged 40 or older stating funeral directors and funeral homes to be their best source of information when it comes to making funeral arrangements. A Harris Poll survey saw 80% of respondents also stating funeral homes provide additional valuable services, such as comparing costs and answering questions.

Reach out to funeral arrangement services and ask for assistance. Healing is a slow process, but one best done with a friend by your side.

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