What Can You Make With Storage Containers?

Written by Wall Street News on March 15, 2018. Posted in Portable office, Storage containers nj, Uses for storage containers

Shipping container houses

If you see a shipping container sale advertised, you might have dismissed it as something for freight or shipping concerns. But that shipping container sale might be more relevant to you than you ever thought. From mobile office space to shipping container houses, here are some reasons that more and more people are doing cargo container modifications to make creative use of these versatile units.

There’s Plenty to Choose From

Right now, the world has more than 17 million of these containers. Only about five or six million are in active use for shipping, and those five million account for about 200 million trips every year. That leaves the rest of us around 11 million used shipping containers to convert into a portable office or even a home.

There’s Plenty of Room

The biggest containers at that shipping container sale are 1,300 feet long. That’s the distance around an Olympic track, at a maximum of 180 feet in width. A standard sized container is capable of holding 3,500 shoe boxes. The 40 foot shipping containers can hold more than 8,000! That’s lots of room for storage, office space, or a tiny house.

There’s Plenty of Quality

Shipping containers are great for all kinds of applications because they are durable and sturdy. Well maintained, they can expect to last a good 20 years. With climate control installed, a container makes a safe place for people and goods even in storms.

There’s Plenty of Love for the Earth

If you need to make more office space, want a home with a smaller footprint, or need to find storage that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to build, shipping containers are easy on the wallet and easy on the environment. Every unit sold at the shipping container sale means 3,500 kilograms of steel being re-used. Not only does that steel not have to be recycled, but we don’t have to use all the wood, bricks or other traditional materials to build new office or home space.

Uses for Storage Containers

The uses are limited only by your imagination. People have and do use them to make mobile office space, theaters and bistros, restaurants, homes, hotels, workshops and studios, storage space, art galleries, saunas and fishing cabins, cafes and bars, and even vacation homes. Since you can easily add on to an existing shipping container structure with new ones as needed, things can grow as much as you need.

If you need space, look for a shipping container sale where you can get a container that is just right for your needs. The uses are endless, so all you really need is to find a seller and let your imagination run free.

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