Wholesale Printing Services Still Rely on the Basic Elements of Design

Written by Wall Street News on March 5, 2018. Posted in Digital printing companies, Direct mail examples, Printing companies tampa fl

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A recent cartoon that has been posted on the internet takes a funny spin on a visit to the eye doctor. Instead of just reading off the letters on the eye chart that many doctors still use, this graphic design specialist instead is calling off the names of the fonts used for those letters on the poster. And while this might seem a little bit extreme, the fact of the matter is that graphic and print designers often have a strange way of looking at the world. The notice, for instance, the impact that a single brightly colored door can have on a street of otherwise very similarly looking houses.
Printing professionals notice abnormalities in newspapers, magazines, and newsletters, as well as look for strong elements of design in everything from the patchwork arrangement of cornfields across the country to con trails in the sky. Through the lens of a digital printing expert, in fact, everything provides possible design ideas and inspiration. And whether you are a designer who is new to the industry or you are someone who has been removed from the business for years, a few basic principles will always be important.

  • White space. We lead busy lives in a busy world. For this reason, among others, the intentional use of white space can help you make sure that you give your readers and viewers some visual resting points.
  • Dominant element. Having a very large photo, one that is at least twice the size of any other item on a page, can help you make sure that you encourage your viewer or reader to stop and notice a printed space.
  • Rule of thirds. Locating an important element in one of the intersections of both horizontal and vertical rule of thirds can help you add drama and impact to any printed design.
  • Internal and external margins. At 5.0%, oversized postcards have the greatest response rate over other mediums. Understanding how to design these spaces, however, is important. Working with digital bleed lines by paying attention to internal and external margins can help you avoid extra print charges when you are trying to produce these oversized postcards.
  • Use of color. According to a recent survey, 90% of millennials feel that direct mail advertising is reliable. The use of color in these printed products, however, is often an indicator of a quality printing services.

Digital printing companies are just one example of an industry that relies on the planning and implementation of the elements of design. Understanding and using these elements to your advantage can help you make sure that anything you pay to print connects with the reader or views and has the desired impact. In a time when 92% of shoppers indicate that they still prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are revisiting the basic of elements of design and using them to their advantage.

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