Why Cloud Service Brokerage is an Exciting New Market

Written by Wall Street News on June 27, 2016. Posted in Small business communications, Small business communications solutions, Unified communications phone systems

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Cloud service brokerage is an interesting new sector which is projected to grow over 45% by 2018, according to Radiant Insights, Inc. What is this new sector exactly?

What is cloud service brokerage? Cloud services brokers act as middlemen, connecting cloud service providers and their consumers. This allows cloud service providers to focus on other aspects of their business. Some of the services that cloud service brokerage provides are: IT infrastructure assessment, design, and integration; maintenance; and security.

Cloud service brokerage also tends to be low-cost. Cloud service brokers, also known as cloud consultants, provide essential services at an affordable price, which is likely what has contributed to the growing success of the market.

This new sector has a wide reach, as cloud use stretches into the public sector. Public spending on cloud technology has been predicted to increase by tens of billions of dollars. Cloud brokerage services can help the government reduce its data center infrastructure expenditure by 30% through the services it provides.

Businesses are already large users of cloud technology. About 59% of large enterprises already use cloud storage for its ability to integrate development and operations. The same percentage of businesses use cloud infrastructure for data sharing.

There are some concerns for this sector, as cloud services are closely intertwined with data and network security. Figures on the expansion of this market do take these risks into account and still report high numbers like the previously mentioned growth of 45% in five years.

It appears that the overwhelming convenience and number of services provided by cloud service brokerage outweighs any concerns or pitfalls it may be associated with. The number of services these brokers provide allow them to adapt to each client, which is why they are convenient for both large enterprises and governments to use.

What about the future? Cloud service brokerage seems to be an industry that will not only continue to grow on its own but end up replacing the traditional system integrator. The continuous adoption of cloud technology by all types of organizations will ensure the ongoing growth of the cloud service brokerage sector. Technology was, is, and always will be an important part of keeping an organization running as well as being able to compete and be efficient and effective. Organizations will always make sure to keep their technology up-to-date and right now that means incorporating or increasing cloud capabilities as well as keeping important information secure and accessible. Cloud brokerage services are a key part of today’s technology updating processes, which is why their sector is so successful and becoming more so with each passing year.

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