Why Conex Containers Are the Best Choice for Your Office

Written by Wall Street News on July 10, 2018. Posted in Containers, Housing, Pipeline monitoring equipment enclosure

As the economy expands and the workforce grows, commercial real estate is only becoming more and more expensive. The traditional materials used to build these office buildings are expensive and the time needed to construct with them can practically be measured in dollars per minute. That’s why, increasingly, Conex containers for offices are popping up everywhere. There are quite a few reasons why using a modified shipping container for office construction is a great idea.

What are Conex Containers?

Conex containers are kind of industrial shipping container. A standard 20 foot industrial shipping container has a volume of 1,150 cubic feet, while a 40 foot container has a volume of 2,700 cubic feet. That’s plenty of space for us to be doing a lot of things in. There are estimated to be 24 million retired shipping containers in existence on the planet, and most containers are retired from service in shipping after only 10 to 15 years of use.

Conex Containers for Offices Are Quiet and Spacious

Conex containers are great way to make a large office space. They are modular so they can be put together in order to create as much space as you want. Although a metal box might not seem like the quietest and most productive working area, the are endless modifications that can be made to shipping containers in order to make them so.

Conex Containers for Offices Are Affordable

Traditional building methods can be very expensive. Additionally, traditional building methods don’t easily allow for expansion. A modified shipping container, however, can be an extremely affordable solution for office needs. Studies have shown, for example, that modular housing built with shipping containers can be built in a fifth of the time and at half of the cost of building a traditional home. A brick-and-mortar structure takes between four and six months to complete, while a modular shipping container building takes only two to three weeks.

Conex Containers for Offices Are Eco-Friendly

We’re all concerned about the environment these days, and a shipping container is a truly an environmentally friendly structure. These containers are made from 85% recycled steel, and when they do need to be demolished they are fully recyclable. In addition, using a shipping container saves the world from having to use new building materials in the construction of commercial real estate.

Conex Containers for Offices Are Durable

A steel shipping container can be expected to last for about 25 years with very minimal maintenance. Put a little paint on them and make sure you repair any issues that come up and your inexpensive office space will last you for a long time. Additionally, shipping container building units are capable of standing up to 100mph winds. This makes them suitable for use even in climates where storms are a problem. If your Conex office is anchored with pylons, it can even stand up to winds as strong as 175mph.

Conex Containers for Offices Are Endlessly Customizable

One of the best reasons to construct an office or other commercial building out of Conex containers is the freedom to customize the space in any way that you see fit. Shipping containers can be stacked, they can be built around one another, they can be modified to provide a comfortable environment, they can become storage, they can be used for conferences, and they can be partitioned. There’s almost no limit to what you can do with a shipping container structure.

Shipping containers make an excellent choice for commercial buildings and offices. They are affordable, eco-friendly, inexpensive, durable, and customizable. If you need to put up office space quickly and efficiently, contact the dealer near you and find out what options you have when it comes to Conex containers.

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