Why Fire Prevention and Detection Is Crucial

Written by Wall Street News on July 13, 2016. Posted in Fire alarm service tampa, Fire alarm systems atlanta, Fire sprinkler contractors tampa

Fire protection system

Never underestimate the importance of a fire alarm service. The early warning that a fire alarm service and smoke detector system offers can not only minimize damage to property but also prevent injury and loss of life. Poorly maintained or installed systems can be costly in both financial and human life terms. For businesses such fire systems are vital, especially since most (more than half actually) high-rise fires occur in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, apartments, offices and hotels.

Fire sprinkler systems are equally crucial. A correctly installed automated sprinkler service can help subdue a fire early minimizing damage and the lower water pressure — eight to 24 gallons per minute — used by such sprinklers in comparison to the 80 to 125 gallons per minute discharged by fire hoses also reduce risk of water damage to property. Together early warning systems such as fire alarm services and smoke detectors and automated sprinklers can reduce damage, injury and death by as much as half.

Fire sprinkler systems are also very reliable, operating effectively in 91% of all reported structure fires that set off sprinklers. No completely sprinklered building has ever had a fire that caused more than two deaths according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Ensuring that such systems are properly maintained and that they are working as required is part of a business’ responsibility to its employees and its clients. Regularly testing and maintenance is vital.

It is vital that all business owners are aware of the requirements regarding fire prevention and protection. For example, if a fire alarm or sprinkler system has to be disabled for longer than a set number of hours in a day, then businesses must inform the local fire department. This could be the result of a renovation or building project on-site. The hospital will also need to establish a fire watch in such a situation. Data centers which include telecommunication equipment in an area above 2,500 square feet must have Very Early Warning Fire Detection (VEWFD) detection systems in place. Given the importance of data centers and the fact that fire detection and prevention is crucial to minimizing potential loss, the Gartner Group estimated that over $149 billion would be spent of such facilities this year.

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