Why Most People Prefer to Talk to a Real Person at Customer Service

Written by Wall Street News on December 20, 2017. Posted in Answering service, Best answering services, Call answering service

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For all businesses, whether it?s a Fortune 500 company or one person with a truck, customer service matters. It?s how your business interacts with customers that comes to define your services. That?s why all commercial, general business, medical, legal and industrial establishments can benefit from using an answering service. For businesses like doctors or legal offices or contractors and plumbers, having a physicians answering service or 24 hour answering service tells clients that they matter and their problems are being taken seriously.

Why customers prefer to talk to a real person
Most customers prefer to handle any problems or customer service inquiries over the phone. Even with such innovations as automated phone systems, email and chat services to help them out, it?s always more reassuring to be able to talk to a real human being at the other end of the line. That?s why 79% of consumers prefer this option to an automated and impersonal system.
People have come to rely on their cell phones and keep them handy. In fact, studies have shown that 91% of all U.S. citizens have a cell phone or mobile device within reach round the clock. That?s why a 24 hour live answering service is necessary for any business that relies on customer service for return customers. People expect to be able to resolve their problems by phone at any time of the day or night.

Call answering services reassure customers
For most businesses, the phone is the way that customers prefer to handle any problems or issues. Finding a real human being they can talk to when they call a medical or legal office is reassuring. In fact, if they hear a voicemail when they call a business with any concerns, a full 80% of all people will just hang up the phone. And quite possibly, cross that business off their list of services.
A live answering service like a physicians answering service helps clients feel that their problems are being addressed. That?s because a real person on the phone provides the essential elements of customer service, which are empathy and emotion. A heavily scripted automated system doesn?t deliver, which is why so many people find them frustrating and just hang up on that impersonal prerecorded voice.

Why customer service matters
In this age of online reviews, customer service matters more than ever. Word of mouth has always been the most effective form of advertising, and good customer service always gets talked about. So does bad customer service. Bad or indifferent customer service will lose clients. Moreover, dissatisfied clients will also tell others about their negative experiences or even write disparaging online reviews.
A business answering service like a physicians answering service provides an excellent customer service experience and ensures that customers will return to your business the next time and the next.

Almost any business, from a doctors office to a home contractor, can benefit from a call answering service. A physicians answering service with a real person on the line reassures clients that their concerns matter and are being addressed. A good customer service experience and satisfied clients reflect well on the business and boost the bottom line.

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