Why Steel Shipping Containers Make Great Office Space

Written by Wall Street News on March 8, 2018. Posted in Office containers, Storage containers nj, Used shipping containers for sale ct

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Finding affordable new office space can be one of the most challenging and expensive issues for a growing business. Used shipping containers could be the answer. Climate controlled containers have a lot of possibilities to become a pop-up office space.

Why Reuse a Steel Cargo Container?

The world currently has about 17 million of these used shipping containers, but only six million of them are actually in use. When a shipping container is resued, it means that 3,500 kg of steel is being recycled. That’s a lot of steel, wood, brick, mortar and other building materials that we don’t have to get new. Shipping containers are also really durable materials to use in something like a portable office. They can last as long as 20 years if maintained well.

Are Used Shipping Containers Cost Effective?

When thinking about office space, shipping containers are usually far cheaper. A used container will run a couple thousand dollars, depending on the exact condition. Then it needs to be fitted for office use, which means installing plumbing, windows, doors, air conditioning, and electrics. Despite all those things, a shipping container office is still usually much cheaper than renting or buying office space.

Are Used Shipping Containers Mobile?

One of the best reasons to consider an office container is that it can become a mobile office. If a business needs to change space often, the shipping container is ideal. It can fit on the back of a truck or on a ship. They can sit on an existing office space lot, in a rural area where a temporary office is necessary, at a work site, or any other place where the temporary office is needed.

Are Used Shipping Containers Limiting?

One concern with this kind office space might be space. One container has a lot of space. A standard container can hold 3,500 shoe boxes, while the larger ones can hold more than 8,000. Even better, though, used shipping containers can be stacked and scaled whenever more space is needed. They can also be removed easily when no longer needed.

Are There Any Other Advantages to Shipping Container Offices?

There are a few other considerations to bear in mind. First, shipping containers are very safe. They are able to withstand all kinds of bad weather and make great storage for expensive equipment. It is also getting increasingly easy to find companies who sell and fit out shipping container offices, as retail, construction, government, education, medical, and even government entities have started seeing their value and using them for creative office space.

Shipping containers make great office space that is affordable and secure. They are easy to transport and can be expanded or removed quickly and easily as needed. Look into sellers in your area and see what’s available for your office needs.

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