Working Toward Water Quality During a Time of Misinformation from Public Officials

Written by Wall Street News on December 2, 2016. Posted in Water conductivity controller, Water quality analysis, Water resistivity monitor

Water conductivity and resistivity

From the Flint, Michigan, water crisis to the Dakota Pipeline Protestors, water quality and the sustainability of safe drinking water is a major concern of people all across the country. When protestors from across the country are willing to stand in the face of pepper spray and water hoses, the concern for water safety is apparent. In a time when it appears that the environmentalists seem to be in direct battle with many factors that are endangering safe drinking water, it is no wonder that even individuals are looking for water testing kits.
America just finished a Presidential election where few of the “experts” that we listen to predicted the results. And just as the media has been unable to give an objective and truthful picture to the public, American citizens fear that they are not really being told the truth about the safety of the water we drink. From water conductivity monitors to well water test kits, more and more Americans are taking control of the safety of their own water sources.
Water quality indicators can be the individual homeowner’s first line of information for understanding the truth about the water that comes into a home.
Are You Concerned about the Safety of the Water Your Family Drinks?
The December 2, 2016, MSNB show Morning Joe included an interview with a former journalist who has moved onto a career focusing on water, energy, and food sustainability. Working with experts in the field of water purification, solar energy, and food production to create a life sustaining stand alone building that can be transported and installed in any location around the world. These stand alone buildings can produce thousands of gallons of clean water, an enormous amount of energy, and green, leafed food products and can help meet both short term and long term needs.
You do not need to be in an immediate water emergency to understand the comfort of knowing that water purification systems are available. Given that the advancement of water conductivity sits, too, can help concerned citizens feel more confident about the water that they drink. Conductivity is a measure of the ability of water to pass an electrical current. Water conductivity is affected by the presence of inorganic dissolved solids. Organic compounds, on the other hand, do not conduct electrical current well. Water conductivity is also affected by temperature. For instance, the warmer the water, the higher the conductivity. As a result, conductivity is reported as conductivity at 25 degrees Celsius.
Water Safety Is a Concern in Population Centers of All Sizes
Water safety concerns may sometimes seem like big city problems. When news stories break like the dangerous conditions of the water provided to the lowest funded areas of a large metropolitan city, some rural residents may find themselves feeling grateful that they do not have to deal with those big city problems. In reality, however, no water source is truly safe from contamination.
The latest research indicates that nearly 64% of assessed lake acres, 44% of assessed stream miles, and 30% of assessed bay and estuarine square miles are not considered clean enough to support uses such as swimming and fishing. When natural water sources are not clean enough for swimming and fishing it is safe to say that this water is not going to be a source for home use either. And while few people think of lakes, streams, and bays as a source for drinking water, this growing contamination forces the question of the safety of home wells and underground water sources.
For any concerned individual, parent, or land owner, the first line of defense against unsafe drinking water is the to make sure that the water is tested. And as concerned citizens worry that they cannot rely on the government to truthfully provide safe testing or drinking water, these citizens instead look for their own testing measures. Water conductivity is one way that water safety can be confirmed. With the use of home testing and purification systems, many homeowners feel that they can do a better job of confirming the safety of the water their family drinks and uses for oher daily tasks. Are you comfortable with the water you drink?

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