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How The Steel Industry Has Advanced Over The Decades

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Have you ever stopped to wonder what type of materials are used in so many appliances, objects and products you use on a daily basis? Everything we use was invented, processed, made and put together by someone, somewhere. Not to mention, there are natural resources and energy used to produce the materials that go into making the objects we use every single day.

Let?s take steel, for instance. Steel is made into a variety of things from hinges on different appliances, to construction, to buildings, bridges and other structures. It comes in many different forms, as well, from stainless steel, to stainless strapping, to galvanized steel.

How much do you actually know about steel, what it is, what goes into making it and what it is used for? Probably not very much unless you work in construction or in

Benefits of Using Shipping Containers as Portable Offices

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Storage container modifications

Shipping containers make the perfect portable office setting. They are currently used in many different business industries and as more industries learn about their benefits, are likely to be used in many more. Used shipping containers are highly customizable, cost efficient, and provide the following benefits as a portable office setting.

They are easy to obtain

There are around 17 million shipping containers in the world, with only 6 million of these in use. That means approximately 11 million shipping containers are currently unused and could be converted into homes or offices for people. With so many available used shipping containers, you not only have easy accessibility to purchasing, but you also have many options to choose from. You can afford to be picky, choosing

Increasing Industry Safety With Refresher Safety Courses

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Phoenix cranes

The construction industry is an extremely complex business. There are many different positions that all play an important role in the business. There are also required and extensive training programs. Many construction projects require that workers scale many floors. While walls and ceilings are still being constructed, these are not always the safest of conditions. Safety needs to come first and the following safety precautions are necessary in the industry.

Safety as a priority
If you are in charge of construction workers, it is important to remember that safety is always the number one priority. Safety should be taken into account for any and every single project. If you do not have the proper training, proper safety materials, or ability to safely complete a project, then i

What Plans Goes Into Construction Dewatering and Treatment During Operation

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Water treatment equipment

Dewatering is an artificial process that involves extraction and removal of excess groundwater from the soil typically a construction site. The idea behind dewatering is to lower the groundwater level to a point that it is safe for construction activities such as building foundations, elevator shafts, piers, etc. to take place. Typically, this process involves fitting and installation of dewatering equipment like pumps adjacent to the site and drawing water through wells.

During a construction dewatering and treatment project, the groundwater recovered often contains contaminants that must be treated. This can either be done through temporary or long-term groundwater remediation systems before the w

Dove Utilizes Blow Molding for Custom Bottle Manufacturing in New Advertising Campaign

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The well-known Dove soap brand has promoted a message of “real beauty” in its advertising and promotions for the past few years. This campaign has featured women of all skin tones and body shapes to highlight the societal need for increased acceptance, while also promoting the brand’s various personal hygiene products. According to Plastic News (Dove takes its ‘real beauty’ message to its bottles), the newest branch of this campaign involves blow molded bottles.

The “Real Beauty Bottles” campaign, as it was titled by creator Ogilvy London, features six different bottle designs that vary in shape, just like actual women’s bodies. The bottles range from

Understanding Rentable and Usable Square Footage

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There are a few things in commercial leases that can seem confusing. One of the most common issues is understanding rentable and usable square footage. Knowing the difference between these two kinds of spaces will save a business owner a lot of confusion. Determining warehouse space needs is determined by figuring out the usable and rentable space needed. Commercial real estate development is a thriving industry with great vacancies available. In this post, you will learn more about both usable and rentable commercial space.

Usable office space is the area that is inhabited by an office. It is important to know what usable office space you are getting when leasing commercial property. There are different va

5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Using Coupons

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Marketing strategy changes all the time. What works one day may not work as well the next. One method of getting new customers and making sure they return that has stood the test of time is the coupon. The right printing companies can work with a business to make sure they are sending the right message to the right people and attracting customers who will come back and, even better, will tell their friends and family about the good products you put out and the work that you do. Here are some things that coupons can do to help you grow your business and improve your bottom line.

  1. Get new people in your door. Many people think that the time to head out to find printing companies to set a business up with a great coupo

Top Five Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Business Signs

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Customers are always on the hunt for a business that will treat them right. Whether your brand is small or starting to expand its outreach across multiple stores, your efforts will always hinge on the efforts you display for your customers and customers-to-be. Marketing is a visual handshake between you and your client base, a way to present what you have to offer in as little time as possible. After all, the average customer is exposed to hundreds of advertisements every single day. Why should anyone on either side of the fence settle for less? Below are the top five tips to keep in mind when marketing yourself, from properly using glass door business signs to being artistically clever.

Never Underestimate Your Competition

Want to set yourself up for success? Don’t unde

Is Your Business Looking for a New Security System?

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Home automation system harrisonburg va

Owning a business involves many details, not the least of which is making sure that your employees, your property, and your inventory are safe. It can be difficult enough to make sure that everyone and everything is safe during the working hours, but making sure that all is well overnight and on the weekends can be even more difficult. Whether you are in a neighborhood that is subject to theft and vandalism or whether your business is in a location that is far from any areas of crime, most businesses present themselves as a target if they do not implement business security systems.
Today’s businesses house so much technology and so much inventory that they they can easily fall prey to skilled thieves if a business security system is not in place. Continue Reading No Comments

Treat Your Employees to Some Soft Skills

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Every so often, you meet someone who has that certain thing about them that makes them someone you want to be around, to do business with. You might meet them when you are doing deals in the highest level of corporate America or you could meet them clerking at a convenient store down at the end of your block.

What you are experiencing when you meet people like these are folks who are gifted with what are called “soft skills.” Some people develop them naturally as they move through life, not even really knowing they have them. Many people, on the other hand, struggle with their lack of soft skills all throughout their lives.

When you observe and encounter people with soft skills, you see that they are people who have a strong ability to problem solve, are quite reliable, and are leaders