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Three Ways to Build and Support a Multigenerational Workplace

Written by Wall Street News on September 3rd, 2018. Posted in Five generations in the workplace, Generations speaker, Millennials speaker

There are currently five generations in the workplace, making our workforce the most age-diverse in history. While some employers worry about dealing with millennials in the workplace (those born between 1981 and 1996), it’s important to understand the strengths and values of all generations to ensure they all work together effectively. If you are currently managing a multigenerational workforce, here are three steps to create mutual understanding and communication among employees.

Know that All Workers Generally Want the Same Things

It can be tempting to lure Millennial workers with promises of unlimited work from home days or “fun” open office plans, but these promises can alienate older workers. What’s more, trendy perks are usually unnecessary. Anywhere from 35-40% of all workers across generations say that healthcare is one of the most important benefits to them. Another 23% of workers of all ages also value making a positive impact on their workplace. And

Boost Business by Staying Clean

Written by Wall Street News on September 3rd, 2018. Posted in Maryland cleaning services, Northern virginia parking lot sweeping, Northern virginia street sweeping

Consumers base their ideas about a brand on a multitude of factors such as what a company’s corporate responsibility is (such as what kind of charities they work with or what their working conditions are), the quality of products, and how aesthetically pleasing a place is. If you’re running a brick and mortar store or retail center, you might want to think not only about attracting customers with events, interesting stores, delicious restaurants, and quality products but also how clean it is for consumers. Small details like how products are set up in a store, how accessible the store is for your consumers that need extra assistance, and how clean a place is, can really determine how well your business does.

How to Keep a Business or Retail Center Clean

1. Try hiring a service for keeping your building clean

If you’re managing the property of an office or retail center, you might want to think about hiring a cleaning service so that trash can be emptied, floors can be cl