Answering Services Improve the Customer Service Experience

Written by Wall Street News on April 28, 2016. Posted in Answering service, Live answering service, Medical answering service

Medical answering services

Customer service is the point of contact where customers encounter your business, and it shapes their perception of your business almost exclusively. It determines how trustworthy they find a business and whether they will consider returning to that business again. A professional answering service can improve the customer service experience, establishing trust with customers which is an essential condition for their continued association with your business. With an answering service medical establishments can be sure that they are available to patients round the clock.

Answering services improve customer satisfaction
Americans rely on their phones more than ever and 91% of all citizens have their mobile phones with them round the clock. Many people – as many as 79% of consumers – prefer to contact customer service by phone, even when options like email and online chat services are available. And the vast majority, or 80% of people, will hang up if they get a voicemail when they call a business.
A live voice on an answering service can meet your customer service needs, ensuring that callers get to talk to a human being rather dealing with an automated system. Even though some automated systems now use interactive voice options, it’s not at all the same thing. A scripted automated system is no substitute for a live human voice at a 24 hour answering service.
Empathy and emotion are two essentials for the customer service experience, and they cannot be duplicated by any automated voice system.

Why does customer service matter?
When customers call a business, what they’re looking for is to have their problems resolved quickly and efficiently. No one has time to waste struggling through the complexities of an automated system or waiting for a long time to speak to a representative. Poor customer service loses American businesses about $41 billion a year.
The best answering service becomes a face for your business, responding to customer calls quickly and sympathetically. As many as two-thirds of consumers say that they would be willing to pay more – 13% more, on average – for products or services from a particular company, if they had an excellent customer service experience with that company.

What are the advantages of an answering service for your business?
For businesses that rely on contact with clients, especially in the medical and legal fields, an after hours answering service means that you’re never out of reach. Clients feel that their concerns are being met. In fact with answering service medical facilities are meeting their responsibilities to their patients.
For auto, contracting, and a host of other businesses, it can be important to stay in touch with clients and to offer them a way of contacting you 24/7. An answering service can help you stay in touch with clients and respond to emergencies.
Telephone answering services offer the following:

  • 24-Hour Message Center
  • Voice Mail
  • General Business, Commercial
  • Answering service medical, Industrial, and Residential
  • Communicating to pagers and cell phones

With answering service medical, legal and other offices can ensure their availability for clients at all times. This establishes you as a trustworthy company that consumers can rely upon.

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