Beware of Charity Scams Around Your Town

Written by Wall Street News on October 14, 2016. Posted in Clothing donation, Purple heart pickup, When to donate clothes

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A northern California city has seen a few clothing collection bins start up around the city calming to be legitimate clothing drop off locations. These bins are raising concerns for charities around Turlock because the bins are owned by for-profit companies, so there is suspensions that these companies are taking money from community downers.

The clothing bins are blue and green and are scattered throughout Turlock in front of businesses and in parking lots. According to the Turlock Journal, the phrase, “Together we can make a difference,” is written on each one of the bins in question. The bins also state that they are donation centers.

“I think they pose a threat to us,” said Linda Tell, Off Center Thrift and Gift board member. “To deliver to us, you have to pull up and walk in with all of your things. The bins are very simple — you just walk up and dump your stuff.”

Tell and other members of charity organizations are worried that some of these clothing drop off locations are going to cause many problems not just to individual charities, but the community at large.

Charities have contributed over $600,000 to various nonprofits around the Turlock community over the last decade. All the items that are donated to the charities allow for the community to raise funds and aid those in need.

“Instead of placing your clothes in the bins,” Tell added, “I would say try a local charity. If you don’t know who you’re giving to, you shouldn’t be giving to them.”

Unfortunately, there are charity scams all over the world that try to take advantage of people trying to give back to their communities. The best way to avoid empowering these scam artists is to find the best charities to donate to through online research. If you suspect anything wrong with a charity organization — either physical clothing drop off locations like bins or online organizations calming they’re non-profit — you should immediately hold off on your donation or go to an organization that is more credible.

“Donate locally,” said Audrey Harig, Director of At Sacred Heart Thrift Shop. “Donate to the thrift stores that are going to help here.”

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