Getting Past “Reefer Madness” How the Marijuana Industry Benefits the Nation

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Licensing a marijuana business

Marijuana has had a troubled history in the United States to say the least. The drug was once demonized by the 1930′s propaganda film “Reefer Madness” that sought to demonstrate the devastating effects of marijuana on youth — today however that same drug is used by millions of patients across the country to find relief for and treat a wide variety of medical conditions. This growing acceptance of marijuana is causing many Americans to reevaluate their position on the plant as the United States grows ever closer to nation-wide medical legalization of marijuana.

American Marijuana

On April 17, 2016 Pennsylvania became the 24th state to allow medical marijuana. A growing number of other states have decriminalized possession of marijuana and at the present time Alas

Choosing Your Own Medical Marijuana Facility Design

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Investing in the cannabis industry

Within the marijuana industry, there is a lot of back and forth regarding whether or not this is something that should be legalized. However, as time moves forward, more and more people are becoming more lenient regarding the laws that are holding medical marijuana back. Currently, 17 million people live in certain states that have already legalized the use of recreational marijuana, and it is projected to increase by 86 million by the next year, which totals around 25% of the total population. If you’re considering to start a medical marijuana business, then knowing how the industry is going to change and stand up to it is key.

The Market for Medical Marijuana in the Coming Months

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